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Pentest Robots

Pentest Robots are live at
Black Hat Europe 2020!

A better way to automate 80% of pentesting grunt work.

Cut through the noise and get the best tools and know-how for your pentesting and consulting work. This is what Black Hat is all about, plus a lot more!

See how our new automation feature works in today’s live demos!

  • 12:00PM GMT - Pentest Robots: how to build & use them to eliminate repetitive work
  • 2:00PM GMT - Pentest Robots: offload 80% of manual work to reusable robots
  • 3:30PM GMT - Pentest reporting in a flash: from hours to minutes!

The team is hosting the live demos exclusively on Dec. 10, so don’t miss out!


Black Hat Europe Presentation

Be the first to see how Pentest Robots automate pentesting flows and reduce your tedious manual work by 80%! Our founder and CEO, Adrian Furtuna, will demo the feature for the first time on December 9, 12:30 GMT at Black Hat Europe!

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You can't fully automate pentesting.
Here's something better.

"So tell me more about these robots.”

Automation is great... when it doesn’t create more issues than it solves.

End-to-end automation doesn’t work in pentesting because the human makes the difference. That’s why we believe in judicious automation that’s not too much or too little, but just right. Now pentesters, consultants, and entire security teams can decide what “just right” means for them.

Scalable pentesting automation
The Pentest Robot The Human Pentester
Automates repetitive, boring tasks that are part of any pentest - no maintenance required
Exploits vulnerabilities considering the context
A single robot links together multiple pentesting tools and runs them in a specific order, according to logic the human pentester designs
Decides which attack path to choose to reach the important data (the crown jewels)
Can be reused to run automatic testing sequences on multiple targets and engagements
Chains vulnerabilities in creative and unusual attack sequences only an attacker would do
Maps more of the attack surface - faster, without a single line of code
Develops advanced exploits
Accelerates vulnerability discovery, no matter the platform
Prioritizes findings and recommendations for the customer based on their organization’s full profile and needs

Right after Black Hat Europe, we’ll host
a live Q&A featuring our founder, Adrian Furtuna!

A good pentester can never be replaced by a robot

But a robot can make you exponentially more effective.

Adrian Furtuna

I love pentesting but I don’t enjoy every aspect of it. Any experienced pentester will tell you the same. The trick to keep loving it in the long run is to minimize boring, repetitive tasks. For most pentesters, that’s reporting. For others it’s doing recon. We all have our pet peeves. My brain gets pumped up when I discover and exploit interesting vulns, not when I’m scavenging through pages of scan results in large scope engagements.

"Why didn’t I do this years ago?" That’s the kind of time-savers we want to deliver to our customers. Pentesting robots is our way of doing that. I’ll tell you all about it at Black Hat Europe 2020 and then in a live demo and Q&A!

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Andra Zaharia

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