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How to delete or edit targets

From the /targets page you can delete one or several targets, edit their description or move them to a different workspace.

How to add new targets

You can add new targets either from the targets page, by directly scanning them or from the scan results of discovery tools.

What are Targets and Base Targets?

We count as base targets only the hostname or IP address of the scanned system. All URLs belonging to the same base target will count as a single target.

How to build a pentest robot?

Learn how to combine tool blocks with logic blocks to design the visual penetration testing flow that fits your specific needs.

What are scan groups?

Learn how to create scan groups so you can easier export aggregated scan results.

Managing your scans

From the /scans page you can view all your finished or ongoing scans, rescan, stop ongoing scans, download scan results or delete scan results.

How do scan templates work?

Learn how to save time by creating and using scan templates which group multiple tools and options within one bundle, in order to launch them all at once.

What are Scheduled Scans?

You can continuously monitor the security of your systems using the platform by scheduling periodic scans.

How to start a scan

You can start a new scan directly from a tool page or from the /targets page by selecting one of the “Scan with…” options.

Which are the scan limitations?

Each plan has a limitation to how many targets you can scan and how many scans you can run simultaneously.