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How to Add Findings Manually to Your Penetration Testing Results

You can add new findings from scratch, by cloning an existing finding or by using a template

In case you want to add additional findings to the report (discovered manually or with other tools), you can clone a finding, creating an identical copy of that finding, which you can later modify as you wish by changing its description, evidence, risk level, etc.

You can add manual findings using a predefined template or start from scratch. The finding editor lets you format text, add evidence by pasting images or selecting from files, adding code snippets, and more.

When you finished editing the finding, you can click Add and it will be included in the findings list.

Add manual finding from a template

Finding Templates allows you to have predefined descriptions, risks, and recommendations for findings. You can use the templates when you manually add new findings to your Findings list. There are some predefined templates but you can also add your own findings templates for manual findings or from other tools.

Create findings template

Watch our video to see more options on adding manual findings:

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