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September 2020

Configure scan notifications from Targets page

Session timeout increased

Target description included in reports

August 2020

Automatically mark False Positives for future scans

Pentest Report (docx) improvements

More options for generating single-scan reports

July 2020

VPN Agent in VirtualBox format

New API methods and updates

Scanner for BIG-IP CVE-2020-5902

Aggregated scan results

Scan notifications

Deduplicate findings

June 2020

Two-Factor Authentication

VPN Agent for Hyper-V

May 2020

Unique identifiers for vulnerabilities

[Bugfix] Correctly set the CVSS and CVE

Import targets with descriptions

VPN Agent for internal network scans

Upgrade/downgrade subscription

April 2020

Announcing the Support Center

Added ‘Getting Started’ page

New filters for Findings page

Custom logo in docx report (whitelabel)

New filters for Attack Surface page

View invoices in MyAccount

Launching the Attack Surface view (beta)

Updates to web scanner authentication module

Major updates to Findings editor

Edit findings produced by tools

March 2020

Export scan results as JSON

Announcing COVID-19 services

Send tickets to Jira

New tool: SSL/TLS Scanner

New tool: SMBGhost Scanner

New tool: Ghostcat Scanner

February 2020

API support for port scanning tools

New API calls and updates

January 2020

New tool: Citrix vulnerability scanner

Delete multiple scheduled scans