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What are deprecated tools on

A tool is deprecated when its functions are integrated into other tools without being completely removed. The tool remains in the system, but no further development or updates will be made.

Why are some tools deprecated on

Short answer: to keep the platform in top shape and keep it clutter-free!

Long answer: we deprecate tools on after a detailed analysis from our dev team. If there’s a better way to use the tool’s functionality, we’ll always strive for integration and reliability.

Most often, the decision to integrate a tool and its capabilities into a more complex one is to provide you with the option to get more complex and more detailed findings in a single scan.

Can I continue scanning with the deprecated tools? 

These tools aren’t going anywhere, but you can no longer use them on their own. However, you can now check your systems for vulnerabilities with our Network Vulnerability Scan with OpenVAS and SSL/TLS Vulnerability Scanner.

List of deprecated tools on

Citrix CVE-2019-19781

BIG-IP CVE-2020-5902

SMBGhost Vulnerability Scanner

GhostCat Vulnerability Scanner

OpenSSL HeartBleed Scanner

SSL v3 Poodle Vulnerability Scanner

OpenSSL DROWN Vulnerability Scanner

Keep an eye on our changelog, blog, and on our LinkedIn page to be the first to know when we make new changes to the platform.

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