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Manage and edit findings from all scan results

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In the Findings tab, you can manage your findings from scans in the current work-space or from all the work-spaces. You can add or delete findings, change their status, and more.

Display up to 1000 findings from all your scans

You can select to display up to 1000 records and use the advanced search in order to sort and filter out findings. View settings let you select which type of findings to include in the list.

View settings

Modifying findings

You can use the Modify Finding button in the upper menu in order to change the findings status, mark as verified, and change the risk level. All changes can be applied to a single finding, on several or all findings. However, when making bulk changes, the same reason will be applied to all.

Changing finding status to false positive

Modified findings will be marked with a star (*) and you can check the finding history:

Findings history changes

Group Findings

Under Findings, you’ll find a new filter that automatically groups similar findings from those generated by multiple scans against the same target. To use this filter, go to View Settings and select Group duplicate findings to get a clearer, simpler view of your scan results.

Group duplicate findings from "View settings"

Add manual findings

See here how to include additional findings (generated manually or from other tools) in your report.

Watch our video for more details on managing your findings.

Having all these features it’s just a matter of clicks to generate an Advanced report.

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