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Creating Report Templates

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The first step is defining your Engagement to gather information for each penetration test or vulnerability detection you are working at. The fields included here will be used later on in the Report Template, such as client company name and contact number.

Add engagements details penetration test

Secondly, you can create a new report template by duplicating one of the default templates.

create report templates

A report template contains a set of predefined sections (Background, Objectives, Scope, etc). You can change each field description to adapt to your pen-test. However, these titles can not be modified. Changes to the description will be applied by using the Save button.

pentest report template fields

The following tags can be used inside the report fields to further customize the report template:

  • {{START_DATE}}
  • {{END_DATE}}

Thirdly, you can add a white-label to your report and also set-up the logo positioning (CSS). 

All your Report Templates will be available when you generate Editable Reports from the /findings page.

Select docx report template

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