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Scanning with robots

Robots can be used when starting a scan from the targets menu.

By clicking on the Scan with Robot you can select both the default robots (which will be displayed first) and the custom robots created by you.

Here you can learn how to create a pentest robot.

scan with robot option

You can start multiple robots at once from the Targets page by selecting more targets. To scan with a robot, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to Targets
  2. Select which target (or targets) you want to scan
  3. Choose the pentest robot you want to use
  4. Click on Start Scan.

After the scan is started, you will be redirected to the scan timeline:

The robot will run top-down, against a single target. When the scan is finished, you can inspect each scan result by clicking on the tool blocks:

You can also see each individual scan result from the scans tab, by clicking on the number next to the scan:

You can export the robot scan result by clicking the Export button from the robot result page or the scan page.

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