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All our Support Center articles

74 Articles

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Find out how platform works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.

How to start a scan

You can start a new scan directly from a tool page or from the /targets page by selecting one of the “Scan with…” options.

Managing your scans

From the /scans page you can view all your finished or ongoing scans, rescan, stop ongoing scans, download scan results or delete scan results.

The support articles are categorized as follows:

  • Getting Started (3 Articles)

    Here you will discover some tips to get you started in using the platform.

  • Targets (6 Articles)

    Learn what type of systems you can scan using the scanners and see how you can add, edit or remove targets and run most scans from the/targets page.

  • Scans (17 Articles)

    Here you can learn how to run new scans, find out about scan limitations, common scan errors, and how to manage scans from all your workspaces from the /scans page.

  • Automation (7 Articles)

    Learn how to automate your workflows by using templates, scan groups, pentest robots and scan scheduling

  • Tools (12 Articles)

    Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions and errors related to our scanners. To find out more about how they work, see each tool’s dedicated page on our website.

  • Findings (3 Articles)

    The /findings page lets you manage findings from all your scans. Learn how to add manual findings or change findings status.

  • Reporting (6 Articles)

    Learn how to generate ready-to-go reports for each individual scan and customized advanced reports that aggregate findings from several tools.

  • Account Management (6 Articles)

    Find answers to the most common questions about subscriptions and account management.

  • Billing and Payment (5 Articles)

    Here you can learn more about the billing and payment process, and where to find your invoices.

  • Data Security (8 Articles)

    Data privacy and security is one of our utmost concerns.

    This category contains all the necessary information about data security, how and where your data is stored, and more security-related topics.