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Try our tools for free

Do I need an account to use the free tools?

No, you don’t need an account for the Light/Free version of the tools. Just go to the tool page and start scanning your systems for vulnerabilities. You have two free scans every day (renewed every 24 hours).

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What’s the difference between a light scan and a full scan?

Most of our scanners have a light version that is fast, passive, and non-intrusive. However, the light scan results only scratch the surface and give you a limited view of your security posture. Visit each tool page for more details and a comparison between what tests we perform in the light and full scans.

Trying out our platform

We do not have a trial license implemented on our platform but we offer two free scans to each visitor every day. This will allow you to test the Light version of the scanners.

If you want to try the full capabilities of the platform, you can subscribe to one of our plans to access the full scanners and features of You can stop the renewal in the first month if you’re not satisfied with the results.

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