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Vulnerability Management and Reporting

The vulnerability management feature lets you manage findings from all your scans and create ready-to-go reports, according to your needs. Organize your targets in the Attack Surface View and more.

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The support articles are categorized as follows:

  • Findings (3 Articles)

    The /findings page lets you manage findings from all your scans. Learn how to add manual findings or change findings status.

  • Attack Surface (6 Articles)

    The Attack Surface contains a centralized view of all the hosts, ports, services, technologies and other information for the targets in your current workspace.

  • Notifications (3 Articles)

    Now you can configure email notifications when your scan matches certain conditions (is Finished, found High Risk, discovered some open port, etc). These notification filters also apply to Scheduled scans.

  • Reporting (4 Articles)

    Learn how to generate ready-to-go reports for each individual scan and customized advanced reports that aggregate findings from several tools.