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Google Chrome Multiple Vulnerabilities-02 Apr15 (Windows) CVE-2015-3335CVE-2015-3334CVE-2015-3333CVE-2015-1249CVE-2015-1247CVE-2015-1246CVE-2015-1244CVE-2015-1242CVE-2015-1241CVE-2015-1240CVE-2015-1238CVE-2015-1237CVE-2015-1236CVE-2015-1235CVE-2015-3336

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Vulnerability description

Google Chrome is prone to multiple vulnerabilities.

Risk description

Multiple flaws are due to: - Missing address space usage limitation in the NaCl process. - Permissions for camera and microphone are merged into a single Media permission instead of treated as two separate permission. - Flaw in the SearchEngineTabHelper::OnPageHasOSDD function in ui/search_engines/search_engine_tab_helper.cc script that is triggered when handling URLs for OpenSearch descriptor. - An unspecified out-of-bounds read flaw in Blink. - A flaw related to WebSocket connections as HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) is not enforced. - A type confusion flaw in the ReduceTransitionElementsKind function in hydrogen-check-elimination.cc script related to HTransitionElementsKind handling. - A Tap-Jacking flaw that is triggered as certain synthetic Tap events arent preceded by TapDown events. - An unspecified out-of-bounds read flaw in WebGL related to handling of ES3 commands. - An unspecified out-of-bounds write flaw in Skia. - A use-after-free error in content/renderer/render_frame_impl.cc script. - A flaw in the MediaElementAudioSourceNode::process function in modules/webaudio/MediaElementAudioSourceNode.cpp script. - An unspecified flaw in the HTML Parser. - Multiple unspecified Vulnerabilities - Browser does not confirm with the user before setting CONTENT_SETTINGS_TYPE_FULLSCREEN and CONTENT_SETTINGS_TYPE_MOUSELOCK. Successful exploitation will allow remote attackers to bypass security restrictions, conduct row-hammer attacks, obtain sensitive data, trigger unintended UI actions via crafted dimension, cause a denial of service and other unspecified impacts.


Upgrade to Google Chrome version 42.0.2311.90 or later.

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Apr 19, 2015
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