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Google Chrome Security Update (stable-channel-update-for-desktop_19-2020-05) - Mac OS X CVE-2020-6465CVE-2020-6466CVE-2020-6467CVE-2020-6468CVE-2020-6469CVE-2020-6470CVE-2020-6471CVE-2020-6472CVE-2020-6473CVE-2020-6474CVE-2020-6475CVE-2020-6476CVE-2020-6477CVE-2020-6478CVE-2020-6479CVE-2020-6480CVE-2020-6481CVE-2020-6482CVE-2020-6483CVE-2020-6484CVE-2020-6485CVE-2020-6486CVE-2020-6487CVE-2020-6488CVE-2020-6489CVE-2020-6490CVE-2020-6491

CVSSv3 Score
Vulnerability description

Google Chrome is prone to multiple vulnerabilities.

Risk description

Multiple flaws exist due to - Use after free in reader mode. - Use after free in media. - Use after free in WebRTC. - Type Confusion in V8. - Insufficient policy enforcement in developer tools. - Insufficient validation of untrusted input in clipboard. - Insufficient policy enforcement in Blink. - Use after free in Blink. - Incorrect security UI in full screen. - Insufficient policy enforcement in tab strip. - Inappropriate implementation in installer. - Inappropriate implementation in full screen. - Inappropriate implementation in sharing. - Insufficient policy enforcement in enterprise. - Insufficient policy enforcement in URL formatting. - Insufficient policy enforcement in payments. - Insufficient data validation in ChromeDriver. - Insufficient data validation in media router. - Insufficient policy enforcement in navigations. - Insufficient policy enforcement in downloads. - Inappropriate implementation in developer tools. - Insufficient data validation in loader. - Incorrect security UI in site information. Successful exploitation allows attackers to execute arbitrary code, read sensitive information, bypass security restrictions, perform unauthorized actions or cause denial of service conditions.


Update to Google Chrome 83.0.4103.61 or later.

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Detectable with
Network Scanner
Scan engine
Exploitable with Sniper
CVE Published
May 21, 2020
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