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Google Chrome Security Updates(stable-channel-update-for-desktop_30-2019-07)-Linux CVE-2019-5850CVE-2019-5860CVE-2019-5853CVE-2019-5851CVE-2019-5859CVE-2019-5856CVE-2019-5855CVE-2019-5865CVE-2019-5858CVE-2019-5864CVE-2019-5862CVE-2019-5861CVE-2019-5857CVE-2019-5854CVE-2019-5852

CVSSv3 Score
Vulnerability description

Google Chrome is prone to multiple vulnerabilities.

Risk description

Multiple flaws exist due to: - A use-after-free issue in offline page fetcher and PDFium. - A memory corruption issue in regexp length check. - A use-after-poison issue in offline audio context. - URIs can load alternative browsers. - Insufficient checks on filesystem. - An integer overflow issue in PDFium and PDFium text rendering. - A compromised render can bypass site isolation. - Insufficient filtering of Open URL service parameters. - Insufficient port filtering in CORS for extensions. - AppCache not robust to compromised renderers. - Incorrect checking of click location. - Comparison of -0 and null yields crash. - Object leak of utility functions. Successful exploitation will allow attackers to execute arbitrary code in the context of the browser, obtain sensitive information, bypass security restrictions, perform unauthorized actions, or cause denial-of-service conditions.


Upgrade to Google Chrome version 76.0.3809.87 or later. Please see the references for more information.

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Detectable with
Network Scanner
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Exploitable with Sniper
CVE Published
Nov 25, 2019
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