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GraphicsMagick Multiple Vulnerabilities (Windows) CVE-2008-6070CVE-2008-6071CVE-2008-6072CVE-2008-6621

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Vulnerability description

GraphicsMagick graphics tool is prone to multiple buffer overflow/underflow vulnerabilities.

Risk description

Multiple flaws due to: - two boundary errors within the ReadPALMImage function in coders/palm.c, - a boundary error within the DecodeImage function in coders/pict.a, - unknown errors within the processing of XCF, DPX, and CINEON images. - error exists while processing malformed data in DPX which causes input validation vulnerability. A remote user could execute arbitrary code on the target system and can cause denial-of-service or compromise a vulnerable system via specially crafted PALM, PICT, XCF, DPX, and CINEON images.


Update to version 1.1.14 or 1.2.3.

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CVE Published
Feb 10, 2009
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