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Red Teaming & Managed Pentesting Service for Networks, Mobile & Web Applications

Get detailed pentesting reports and expert advice from our team of offensive security professionals about web vulnerabilities.

Our mission is to help our customers become resilient

  • We are a team of offensive security experts with over 40 years of collective experience.

  • We've built a platform that represents a practical solution to the problem of integration and automation that pentesters have while evaluating attack surfaces and building robust, centralized reports fast, using every tool at their disposal.

  • However, we're pentesters at heart, and we have a dedicated team of certified security specialists that also offer pentesting services to a select number of our customers, on demand, while also making use of our platform to optimize their workflow.

  • We strongly believe our experience in pentesting hundreds of well known international brands alongside myriad local businesses, while delivering quality reports much faster and at a more effective cost than the traditional approach, will help you get the results you need in the shortest possible time.


Why choose our managed pentesting services

  • Time and cost savings

    Traditional pentesting involves lengthy negotiations, approvals, talks with the purchasing department and so on. We don't make you go through that.

  • Quality service delivery

    We provide high-quality pentesting services faster than the traditional method, by combining our technical expertise with our fully-fledged platform of 25+ security testing tools and automation features.

  • Comprehensive, detailed pentesting reports

    We help you excel at reports and save valuable time in your engagements. Get an accurate security posture of your website & web apps with vulnerability details and remediation advice to improve.

  • Expertise opinion on vulnerability assessment

    Rely on our team of certified security professionals to perform a pentesting assessment and provide comprehensive, detailed reports.


Starting from $2400 Per webapp, based on application features, user roles and flows

  • Fairly priced
  • Instant contracting
  • 3-days assessment
  • Report in 48 hours
  • Certified experts
  • Full reporting
  • OWASP Top 10 included
  • No false positives

The scope of our work

What can we pentest & Red Team exactly?

  • Your digital footprint and employees via reconnaissance, vulnerability scanning and exploitation, phishing, wireless penetration testing and other Red Teaming initiatives

  • Your public websites by discovery, scanning with a vast arrays of tools and methodologies, and manual penetration testing

  • Your external networks Black Box & Grey Box Penetration Testing, OWASP, etc.

  • Your internal networks Black Box & Grey Box Penetration Testing, OWASP, etc.

  • Your wireless networks Offensive Security Wireless Professional Techniques

  • Your mobile applications Black Box, Grey Box, White Box Penetration Testing

  • Your APIs by checking for authorization and authentication flaws, data exposure, rate limiting issues, broken features, security misconfigurations, injection opportunities, asset or logging flaws, and more

  • (Almost) any other digital targets you specify in the scope of the engagement

Managed Pentesting Service

Steps for a successful Penetration Test

Follow these basic steps to request a managed pentesting service.

  • 01

    Fill in the form and request a penetration test

  • 02

    Our security professionals evaluate and test

  • 03

    Get a detailed pentesting report with vuln info & remediation advice

  • 04

    Implement the recommendations and improve your security posture

Request a Penetration Test of your Networks, Mobile & Web Apps and APIs

Send us your request using the form. We will respond shortly with a proposed plan, terms of service and payment details.

Client Requirements

  • It is mandatory that you have explicit permission to have a penetration test performed against the target system.
  • If the system is on a shared web hosting (or is a managed service) you must notify and have permission from the provider of the service.
  • It is highly recommended to have a working backup of the target system. While the chance of anything bad happening is very low, you should know that penetration testing is inherently intrusive and there is a chance that the target system could be negatively impacted by the assessment.


  • Detailed Penetration Testing Report delivered within 48 hours.
  • Report will contain manually verified findings and recommendations for fixing the vulnerabilities.
  • Clarifying questions to be conducted via email.
  • Test duration is 3 days per target.

Contact us now if you need more info before committing to a penetration test.

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Our security team of offensive security professionals are the best in the industry and they have the following certifications:

Offensive Security Certified Professional GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester GIAC Penetration Tester GIAC Exploit Researched and Advanced Penetration Tester GIAC Advisory Board Offensive Security Wireless Professional GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst GIAC Security Essentials Certified Ethical Hacker