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Start a full pentest in minutes with powerful cloud-based tools, plus flexible reporting, automation, and collaboration options.

Thousands of security teams across the world deliver successful engagements faster with Pentest-Tools.com.

Getting Started

Pentest-Tools.com in a nutshell

Watch how to scan a target, add manual findings, polish your pentest report, and export it in under 3 minutes. Full report overview included!

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"To be able to log in and start a pentest in just 3 minutes is really good. Then to automate it and build a library of PenTests are all great features. Instant engagement is the best thing about the platform, also pricing. Compared to other automated pentesting platforms, this one is impressive and accurate."

A G2 Reviewer
A G2 Reviewer
Enterprise security specialist
1.8 mil+
Clients globally
Vulnerabilities solved


Who we built Pentest-Tools.com for

  • Use 20+ tools for reconnaissance, vulnerability discovery, and offensive security activities

  • Get a cloud-based platform with access sharing for Workspaces & Items (templates for scans, findings, reports, engagements, and more)

  • Build a library of pentests your team can use to be more accurate, more productive, and deliver faster

  • Minimize repetitive work and technical debt with automation options (attack surface mapping, pentest robots, etc.) for higher ROI


How security & techpros use the platform

Some of these reviews were anonymously left for us on our G2 reviews page, which we invite you to visit so you can verify the reviews below.

All-in-one comprehensive toolset for external red team/asset mapping engagements

Pentest-Tools.com is the Swiss army knife for anyone performing black-box external network security assessments and an all-in-one comprehensive toolset for external red team/asset mapping engagements. I used to rely on a wide range of tools when mapping and scanning external organization assets, but since I found this comprehensive solution, I rarely need to use more than one.
Shay Chen
CEO at Effective Security Ltd.

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A good pentester can never be replaced by a robot. But a robot can make you exponentially more effective.

Pentest robots combine our tools with your logic for massive productivity gains. We can’t wait for you to see what they can do!

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Use cases

What you can do with Pentest-Tools.com

Here's a preview of how you can use Pentest-Tools.com to deliver successful pentesting engagements with superior speed, consistency, and flexibility.

  • Quick security assessments

    Don’t waste time installing, configuring and running complex security tools. We have them ready for you. Just add your URL target and press the Scan button. You get a ready-to-use pentest report with pre-filled executive summary, vulnerability and risk information, plus remediation advice.

  • Continuous security monitoring

    Use our security tools to schedule scans and periodically evaluate your systems for high-risk vulnerabilities. We constantly update and improve our scanners so you don't miss any critical issues. We will notify you via various channels, so you can quickly respond to any potential issues.

  • Attack surface discovery and passive scans

    Information gathering is essential for planning a penetration test and assessing how much work it might involve. We provide powerful reconnaissance tools to help you with that. Use them to quickly discover the attack surface of an organization, passively scan for vulnerabilities, and find interesting targets.

  • Bypass network restrictions

    Even if you have the right toolset on your machine, the network's local firewall can still stop you from scanning external hosts. The only way to scan is from an external server via VPN and Pentest-Tools.com can do that. Our servers have a fast Internet connection and speed.

  • Third-party security evaluations

    Are you a web development company, IT services company, or large organization? Explore our 20+ pentesting tools on the platform to streamline your security testing workflow Over 1.8 million people use Pentest-Tools.com every year to quickly detect, manage, and report vulnerabilities.

  • Integrate our vulnerability scanning tools into your internal tools and flows

    Instantly access our pentesting tools through the API and integrate them into your own systems and processes. Integrate our tools into your web app, dashboard, or network, and run 11 security tools in a matter of seconds!

Better vulnerability discovery.Faster pentest reporting.

Get instant access to custom vulnerability scanners and automation features that simplify the pentesting process and produce valuable results. We help you cover all the stages of an engagement, from information gathering to website scanning, network scanning, exploitation, and reporting.

Pentest-Tools.com Website Scanner Sample Report


Get to know us

Since 2013, the team of pentesters behind Pentest-Tools.com has been pouring its best work into making this cloud-based platform the most reliable toolkit for every engagement.

Whether you’re doing recon, scanning for vulnerabilities, or looking for offensive tools, our customers say we’ve built a superb toolbox, not the usual easy online toy that’s great and getting even better every few months.

We strive to live up to that promise with every platform update.

Pentest-Tools.com Team

Reviews & Testimonials

What our customers say about the platform

We now rely on the scheduled scans for all our offices and websites

With several offices dotted around the world and 3 brands with multiple websites, I needed a solution that allowed me to monitor potential vulnerabilities across our business.

We started with manual scans but now rely on the scheduling services for all our offices and websites to alert us of any issues.

We’ve come to use the dashboard as a point of reference every day as part of our daily checks and we wouldn’t be without it.

As long as Pentest-Tools.com continues to improve the scans and add new types of scans as the security landscape adapts, they’ll continue to have my business.

Rob Klarner

Rob Klarner

IT & Network Supervisorat HBD Europe Ltd Industry: IT&C

Unmatched simplicity and ease in running network and web server scans

Pentest-Tools.com is my team's first go-to solution.

Anytime we are preparing to deploy a new version of our software, we run many tools to monitor and secure our environment, but the simplicity and ease we have with Pentest-Tools.com to run network and web server scans to highlight issues is unmatched.

Michael Dornan

Michael Dornan

CEOat Tili Group Industry: IT&C