Scan test output format for the JSON output

The output format for a scan test in output_json (returned by get_output) for vulnerability scans (Website Scan, Network Scan OpenVAS, SQLi Scanner, XSS Scan, Wordpress Scanner, Drupal Scanner).

test_descriptionstringA description of the test
Example: "Checking for website technologies..."
test_finishedbooleanSet to true when the scan test finished running
cvestringThe CVE associated with the finding.
Values can be in following formats: None, "", "CVE-2017-3167, CVE-2017-3169"
cvssstringThe CVSS of the finding
Will be set to -1 if the finding does not have one
Example: -1, 7.5)
vuln_descriptionstringA short description of the finding.
Example: "Vulnerabilities found for server-side software"
vuln_evidenceobjectThe evidence for the finding.
It can have multiple formats in the data field, given by the type attribute
risk_descriptionstringA description of the risk associated with the finding
"0" - Informational
"1" - Low
"2" - Medium
"3" - High
screenshotsobjectAn object holding the screenshot for this finding in base64 format
0 - Open
1 - False positive
2 - Ignored
3 - Fixed
4 - Accepted
recommendationstringA short recommendation for fixing the vulnerability
vuln_idstringAn unique identifier for the finding