Start scan

This operation starts a new scan.

Request parameters

opStringStart a new scanstart_scan
tool_idIntegerThe id of the tool that will be started.See details of each tool.
targetStringThe name of the target to be scanned
tool_paramsDictionaryThe parameters for the tool.See details of each tool.
workspace_idInteger(optional) The id of the workspace you want your scan to be placed into. To find the ids of your workspaces, use the get_workspaces method.
callback_urlURLThe PDF report will be sent to this URL in a POST request after the scan is finished. (optional)

Request example

Since tool_id and tool_params are specific for each tool, please see the specific start example for the tool that you need.

op_statusStringThe status of the operation- success
- fail
scan_idIntegerThe id of the new scan that was started.
(Returned in case of a successful operation)
See details of each tool.
scan_statusStringThe status of the new scan.
(Returned in case of a successful operation)
- waiting
errorStringError message.
(Returned in case of a failed operation)
See details of each tool.

Response example

  "op_status": "success",
  "scan_id": 456234,
  "scan_status": "waiting"