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You are viewing a deprecated version of our API Reference. Please visit the up-to-date documentation.

Release notes

API Version 0.17

29 July 2021

Added 5 new methods for using the HTTP Request Logger:

API Version 0.16

14 July 2021

Added new workspace functionality:

API Version 0.15

21 June 2021

Added a new test to the new Website Scanner that checks whether HTTP TRACE/TRACK methods are enabled:

  • include this test in your scans by adding httpdebugmethods to the options[discovery] parameter

API Version 0.14

4 June 2021

API Version 0.13

14 April 2021

API Version 0.12

14 October 2020

  • Added support for custom wordlists to the URL Fuzzer

  • You can get the wordlist_id by using the get_wordlists method

API Version 0.11

20 July 2020

  • Add new methods: add_targetupdate_target_descriptionstart_scan_by_targetid

  • The target parameter was removed from tool_params and included in the global start_scan operation. The change is backwards compatible so the old calling method will still work

  • Added new parameters for the get_scans method so the results can be filtered by: workspace_id and target_id

API Version 0.10

17 June 2020

Allow parameter customization for Subdomain Finder.

API Version 0.9

5 February 2020

Added API support for TCP Port Scan and UDP Port Scan.

API Version 0.8

25 January 2020

Added follow_redirects parameter and workspace functionality.

API Version 0.7

26 March 2019

Added API support for SQLi Scan and XSS Scan.

API Version 0.6

22 August 2018

Added API support for URL Fuzzer.

API Version 0.5

27 June 2018

Added API support for Network Scan OpenVAS.

API Version 0.4

26 June 2018

Added API support for Find Virtual Hosts.

API Version 0.3

14 June 2018

Added get_scan_status operation.

API Version 0.2

5 April 2018

Added API support for Subdomain Finder.

API Version 0.1

31 August 2017

First version