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API support for TCP Port Scan, API scans & more updates

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Through our API integration, you can easily streamline and automate your pentesting tasks for better results.

Because we know how important it is for your business, we’ve worked on improving our API system to become a fully programmable penetration testing platform for your specific needs. 

Here are 3 new API improvements we added in the current update:

1. API support added for the TCP Port Scan and UDP Port Scan tools

The new update allows you to programmatically start port scans against your targets through the API. Using specific parameters, you can automate the scanning process for potential vulnerabilities and save valuable hours.

2. New API methods available

We’ve added new API methods to help you easily manage your automated security workflow as well as other actions on the platform.

The get_workspaces operation returns the list of workspaces from the current user.

The get_targets operation returns a list of targets from a defined workspace.

3. Start scans in specified workspaces

You can now start API scans in a custom workspace you created, defined as a parameter to the API call.

Using this capability, you can also scan your internal network via our API, if you assign a VPN profile to the destination workspace.

Streamline your scanning process and automatically start scans using API calls.

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