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Writing a pentest report about the results of your vulnerability assessment doesn’t have to be a difficult, time-consuming task. 

If you use our improved reporting featureyour pentest workflow will be simpler so you can focus on other tasks you might enjoy more.

Write pentest reports faster

Note: The Advanced Pentest Reporting feature is available for our Pro Advanced and Enterprise customers only.

Here are the improvements we added to our Advanced Pentest Reporting feature:

  • Report Templates – Use predefined reports with full details (background, scope, objectives, disclaimer, executive summary) so you won’t have to write them every time and save hours of manual work.

  • Engagement Templates – Pre-set important pentest engagement information such as client name, contact number, start date, end date, etc. These details will be automatically filled in the report.

  • Exclude False Positives and Invalidated findings – You can now mark findings as False Positives and Valid / Not valid and decide to include or exclude them from your report.

  • Group Findings in the Report – by target or by the vulnerability, depending on what you need to include.

Check out the new capabilities of our pentest reporting feature and use it to simplify the time spent on this stage of your pentest workflow!

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