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This is what you’ve been working for. It’s all your customer or manager sees: your best findings, exploits, and recommendations – boiled down to a few pages. So how do you make sure your pentest reports reflect your effort and expertise? No, not by pouring your blood, sweat, and tears in them. You just need a better tool that supports your workflow. That's why we built this pentest report generator for you.

  • Generate customizable DOCX reports automatically

  • Export findings in pre-formatted, eye-catching PDFs (or HTML)

  • Use templates for full reports or individual findings and engagements

  • Download individual and aggregated reports in just a few clicks

  • Start from the pre-filled data we provide to avoid blank page dread

  • Automatically pull findings and data from 20+ tools with zero custom scripts

How it works

See it in action

Create editable pentest reports: how to automate 70% of your pentest reporting work
I haven't found any other tool – free or paid – that I can generate such a well-made report with and trust that the contents will be accurate and relevant to the client.
Stephen W.
Security Consultant

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Ready-to-send pentest reports

Report to impress while saving hours of work

Exporting a pentest report doesn’t have to take hours of transcribing vulnerabilities from various tools, formatting, reordering, rephrasing, drawing risk charts, etc. It can be a matter of clicks!

In the Pentest-Tools.com report generator, all you have to do is choose the findings you want to include, select a report template, and generate the document.

Do yourself a favor and spend your invaluable time finding more interesting vulnerabilities or wrapping up the engagement much faster.

  • Eliminate frustrating, repetitive tasks

  • Extract more value from your expertise

  • Wrap up engagements faster

  • Free up time for more stimulating work

“The detailed reports allow us to precisely identify and quickly respond to any potential issues.”

Anthony Bainton
Anthony Bainton

Get faster & better reporting

Use advanced reporting with our Advanced & Teams plans!

Full report structure, entirely customizable

Each section of the report (e.g. background, objectives, approach, etc.) is a basic block you can customize in the report template. We’ll show you how below.

To make sure you deliver like a pro every time, our pentest report structure includes all the elements you need, from the executive summary to detailed findings – already formatted for you.

  • Introduction

  • Background

  • Objectives

  • Scope

  • Approach

  • Methodology

  • Disclaimer

  • Executive summary

  • Findings & Remediation

  • Addendum

It’s also very easy to modify and customize any of these sections to include links, code snippets, screenshots, tables, and other helpful elements.

If you’re extra specific about your reports, just duplicate a pre-existing template and edit it to your liking. Alternatively, you can create your own template and save hours spent polishing your documents.

“The tool is absolutely easy to use, with comprehensive and customizable report templates.“

Aditya M.
Aditya M.
Vice President of Information technology @ Optimum Solutions

Executive summary with included graphics

Stuck for words? We help you get warmed up with a predefined content for this section. Still, you’ll want to add specifics about each engagement to help decision-makers act in the right direction.

Pentest-Tools.com automatically generates a graphical overview of the findings from all the tools you used. It also includes a table with the most significant findings in the report, which you can refine to perfection.

Report executive summary


Cut your reporting time in half. Then do it again.

The reports I export flow so well! I spend 75% less time than I needed before for this task. Pentest-Tools.com is producing good quality reports, so I dropped a dedicated product for which I used to pay extra. I found the reporting easier to use and this has saved me a ton of time. The pre-state of the output is just right, so all I have to do is adjust formatting, which I can do once, on a template basis. Plus, we can build more comprehensive reports by adding manual findings. Also, excluding findings from the report is easy and my choices are accurately represented in the document I export. I think it's brilliant!
Matt Middleton
Security Consultant & Director at Millbridge Systems

Start using the platform today

Unlock the full power and features of our platfom!
Compare pricing plans and discover more tools and features.

No pain, more gain

The pentest report templates that take away the pain

Pentester to pentester, we know how frustrating reporting can be. We’ve been there. But we also know it doesn’t have to be the most tedious part of a pentester's job.

On Pentest-Tools.com, you can use predefined pentest report templates or create your own. Customizing each built-in section (Background, Objectives, Scope, etc.) ensures reports are 99% done when you click on “export.”

We provide a Web application pentest report template and a Network pentest report template to use right out of the box or as examples when building your own for other types of engagements.

We’re here to help you save time on the most critical phase of a pentest and make your customers feel lucky they decided to work with you.

If I can spend two hours less producing a report, that's two hours I can use for billable work. It actually equates to cash!

Matt Middleton
Matt Middleton
Security Consultant & Director @ Millbridge Systems
How to Manage, Filter & Report your Penetration Testing Results

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Reuse your best work

Findings & Engagements templates

Writing and rewriting descriptions for frequent findings is bo-ring. It drains your time and energy, and can even cause errors to sneak in. Get the ball rolling with these predefined templates for the most common vulnerabilities.

With our pentest reporting tool, you can save and reuse your best finding descriptions, risks, and recommendations! Turn them into custom templates and plug them into future reports. No searching through docs, no duplicate work.

Finding templates

  • SQL Injection

  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

  • File Inclusion

  • OS Command Injection

  • Session fixation

  • Open redirect

  • Detailed error messages

  • Session does not expire

  • Internal IP disclosure

  • Default credentials in use

  • Debug functionality present

  • XML External Entity vulnerability

You can also adjust our templates to your needs. Include links, code snippets, screenshots, tables, and other clarifying elements to save your future self invaluable time. Also useful for adding manual findings into your pentest report!

Engagement templates

Add all the details about clients or projects in one click and use them forever (or as long as they’re your client).

Include this pre-filled information into your reports to save time copy/pasting or manually typing in data such as:

  • Engagement name

  • Client company

  • Contract number

  • Contract start date

  • Engagment start & end dates

To make reporting even more hassle-free, the engagement templates on the platform include structures for Website Penetration Tests and External Perimeter Penetration Tests.

“The Pentest-Tools.com site is super easy to use and reports export in a variety of formats. All of the scans I’ve used run fast and the reports contain the details that you need, no fluff. Nice work, Pentest-Tools.com!”

Bill Ruhl
Bill Ruhl
System Administrator @ dealerdownloads.com

Use cases

4 ways to use advanced pentest reporting

  • Combine filters to get more specific reports

    Choose Target + Risk Level to surface high-risk findings for a particular target. See what’s left to solve by filtering out fixed issues: Status + Target.

  • Customize reports with your logo

    Send professional, polished reports every time: sign up for our Teams plan to enjoy white label reports . Plus, you save time by managing all your reporting from the Pentest-Tools.com dashboard and emailing them to clients from the same place.

  • Get email notifications for vital findings

    Define email triggers (e.g. is Finished, found High Risk. etc.) and get an email with the findings, so you can promptly report them. Especially useful for simultaneous and/or scheduled scans.

  • Export reports from where you need them

    Reporting is at your fingertips whether you’re managing scans or findings. Select what you want to include (and exclude) and we’ll automatically fill in your .DOCX, PDF or HTML report with the results.


Common questions

Each report you automatically export from Pentest-Tools.com includes all the information categories any penetration test report should include. These report sections are must-haves for any professional pentest report:

  • Introduction

  • Methodology

  • Background

  • Disclaimer

  • Objectives

  • Executive summary

  • Scope

  • Findings & Remediation

  • Approach

  • Addendum

You also have the option to manually add findings you got from other scanners or manual work, so you’re not bound to our scanners’ results.