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Delete scans through the API, edit scheduled scans, and more improvements

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Here are 5 platform improvements we’ve worked on in the current update to make a must-have asset for your pentesting toolkit.

  1. Create targets from tool results

  2. Delete scans API function

  3. View large results in Find Subdomains

  4. Edit scheduled scans

  5. Fixed timezone issues

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1. Add new targets from tool scan results

You can now add new targets from the results displayed by the Find Subdomains and/or Find Virtual Host tools. This helps you perform new scans- faster – against the subdomains and virtual hosts you discovered.

To do that, go to Scans, select the tool whose results you want to see, then click on the ones you want to Add to Targets.

find subdomains tool results

Use this platform update to easily create new targets and perform new scans to uncover potential security risks!

2. Delete scans in the API

For API users, we’ve added a “Delete a scan” capability that allows you to programmatically delete a scan result if you no longer need it.

To do that, use the specific parameters available in the API reference.

delete scans API

3. View large results in Find Subdomains

We also improved the way scan results are displayed in the Find Subdomains tool. Now you can use a clean interface with pagination to navigate the scan results.

Visualize all scan results in a clearer, simpler view and get an instant overview of the aggregated data.

find subdomains larger results update

4. Edit scheduled scans

Another improvement we added is the option to edit a scheduled scan without deleting them.

To do this, select Scheduler from the Dashboard, select a Tool -> Edit, and choose your preferences.

edit scheduled scan update

Don’t forget you can get scan results straight to your inbox!

5. Timezone issues fixed

We did some bug fixing in the scheduling system to improve how the timezone is displayed for users. In the scheduled scans option, the user’s timezone is now configured correctly.

scheduled scans timezone improvementCheck out the platform capabilities and see how they improve your workflow and scanning results!

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