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Customized white label, website scanner improvements & other platform updates

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Here are 7 platform improvements we deployed in the current update to make a valuable asset for your pentesting toolbox.

  1. White label custom logo added

  2. White label custom email available

  3. Nmap top ports option included

  4. OpenVAS custom ports scanning

  5. Light crawling option added to the SQLi Exploiter tool

  6. Website Scanner – 404-page detection enabled

  7. Find Subdomains speed improvements

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1. Use a white label custom logo to brand your pentest reports

Customize your pentesting report with your brand company’s logo name instead of the one to share with your clients.

To personalize your report:

  1. Log into your account

  2. Go to Reporting

  3. Click on the White label tab

  4. Upload your custom logo 

Note: Only Enterprise users can use their custom logo and configure its position in the pentest report using a set of custom CSS parameters.

white label customized logo improvement

2. Customize emails sent to customers with scan results

Another improvement we’ve added to the White labeling feature is the option to customize the emails sent to your customers when scheduled scans are finished.

Note: This improvement is also available for Enterprise customers only.

Now you can personalize emails with multiple fields such as From (name), Reply to (name and email), Subject, Introduction, and Signature.

white label customized email

3. Choose which common ports you want to scan

For the TCP Port Scan and UDP Port Scan tools, we’ve added the option to choose which common ports you can scan: top 10 ports, top 100, or top 5000 ports.

The previous version was limited to the top 100 ports only, so now you have more flexibility for the scanning options and checking for open ports.

TCP Port scans tool improvement

4. Scan custom ports with Network Scan OpenVAS

If you use the Network Vulnerability Scanner with OpenVAS, you can now choose to scan custom ports, the same way as for the TCP and UDP port scanner tools.

OpenVAS tool custom ports

5. Improved the SQLi Exploiter tool with new light crawling option

The SQLi Exploiter tool now includes the option to perform the light crawling of the target website (crawl depth=2) during the scanning process.

This parameter enables the tool to automatically discover injection points in a URL target by crawling the URL up to second-level links.

SQLi Exploiter tool light crawling parameter

6. Detect 404 error pages easily for the Website Scanner

We’ve worked on implementing a new method to detect 404 pages for the Website Scanner.

With this new improvement, the results should reflect in reporting fewer false positives in the scan results.

website scanner tool 404 page detection

7. An enhanced version of the Find Subdomains tool

We’ve also worked on multiple improvements to our Find Subdomains tool to make it faster and more effective than the previous version.

If you want to check for subdomains and their IP addresses, and determine the attack surface of a target URL, use the improved version:

find subdomains tool speed improvements

Try the new platform capabilities and see how they improve your workflow and results!

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