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Find out why lower-severity vulns are the bigger pain

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We know the struggle is real and how quickly companies involved in fighting the pandemic became high-value targets for cybercriminals in the past months.

So, earlier this year, we offered them free penetration tests so they could improve their security and better cope with the growing threat of cyberattacks.

The COVID-19 free penetration tests report we did is packed with concrete findings and actionable recommendations, which are helpful to better benchmark your vulnerability information.

Learn about the riskiest security issues for companies, review key actions our security experts recommend, steal our pentesting toolstack to simplify your own workflow, and many more.


Get our findings from pentesting 16 companies that operate in industries such as IT&C, Information security, Education, Software, Travel, and Agriculture.

Join the conversation and tell us how your company is dealing with emerging vulnerabilities.

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