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An enhanced version of our Website Vulnerability Scanner

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To check the security of a web application or server, you need an automated scanner to save time spent on manual work.

Our Website Vulnerability Scanner does that and much more (including detecting widespread vulnerabilities like Log4Shell)! 

We’ve worked on improving the current version of the website scanner by adding new capabilities. To achieve that, our team created a custom scanning engine built on top of the free OWASP ZAP tool.

Scan your site for vulns

Here are the improvements added on top of the old website scanner (Nikto-based):

  • Perform authenticated scans (cookie-based method)

  • Spider the website and index up to 500 URLs and parameters

  • Actively scan for SQLi, XSS, File Inclusion, and OS command injection

  • Include the tests of the quick scanner to get a unified, centralized report

  • Check for outdated JavaScript libraries that could expose your website (web application) to threats

  • Include ZAP’s passive tests that detect various server configuration issues.

How to Perform Authenticated Website Scans with

Important note for API users:

Please use the option scantype=fullnew to start a new web vulnerability scan and check the capabilities of our new scanner.

We still kept the old scanning engine (Nikto-based) as a separate option in the user interface, but we intend to remove it sometime soon (and port some of its functionality to the new scanner).

Try the enhanced version of our Website vulnerability scanner and test your web app security to quickly identify vulnerabilities.

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