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[New feature] Discover your Network’s Attack Surface

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What if you could automatically…

  • Get an instant overview of your network perimeter exposure?

  • Find open ports that shouldn’t be publicly accessible at a glance?

  • Detect old and forgotten web technologies from a centralized view?

With the new Attack Surface feature on, you can!

No setup, extra effort, or extra cost involved.

What you can do with the Attack Surface

Now you can quickly visualize your network exposure and reduce your attack surface based on reliable, up to date data.

The Attack Surface pulls data from the following scanners: Website ReconWebsite ScannerTCP Port ScannerUDP Port ScannerOpenVAS Scanner, and aggregates scan results in a unified, centralized view. (Yes, we’ll add support for more tools in the future!)

4 ways to use the new feature

Each workspace you create in your account generates an Attack Surface specific to the targets in it. Find scan results grouped by asset categories – in a table format you can easily export as CSV or JSON.

Use the Attack Surface to:

  • Easily detect web technologies and spot outdated, unpatched network services

  • Determine which open hosts, ports, services, and technologies increase your exposure

  • Find which technologies your systems are running (e.g. WordPress, ASP.NET, etc.) – fast!

  • Assess how much work a pentest might involve

Mapping your Attack surface gives a better understanding of the system’s exposure and reduces security risks through actionable decisions.

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