Network Vulnerability Scan with OpenVAS 20 Credits

In-depth scanning for operating system, services and network vulnerabilities

Sample Report


Use Cases


Technical Details

Sample Report

Here is a Network Vulnerability Scan with OpenVAS sample report:

  • Shows the identified vulnerabilities, the risk rating and CVSS score
  • Includes evidence for each vulnerability
  • The vulnerabilities are ordered based on the risk level

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Network Vulnerability Scan with OpenVAS - Use Cases

This is a comprehensive scanner which allows you to detect a wide range of vulnerabilities mosty related to network services and operating systems but also includes web server configuration tests.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

The scanner gives you a complete picture of the 'low hanging fruits' so you can concentrate on more advanced tests. Having it online and preconfigured is a huge time saver.

Self-Security Assessment

If you need a thorough intrastructure test, this is the right tool to use. From weak passwords, to missing security patches and misconfigured servers - these types of vulnerabilities can be found by the full scanner.

Third-Party Infrastructure Audit

If you are an IT services company, you can also show this report to your clients and prove that you have implemented the proper security measures to the infrastructure that you are managing.

Technical Details


The engine for this scanner is OpenVAS, which is the most advanced open source vulnerability scanner, hosted and configured on our servers.
It can identify vulnerabilities associated with various services such as: SMTP, DNS, VPN, SSH, RDP, VNC, HTTP and many more.


Parameter Description
Target This specifies the target that will be scanned. It can be a single IP address or a hostname (ex. webmail.mydomain.com)
Scan type - Light Uses a custom-built vulnerability scanning engine which is very fast since it uses the service versions to detect vulnerabilities
Scan type - Full Uses the OpenVAS in-depth scanner
Check alive Enable host discovery to check if the target is alive before scanning it

How it works

OpenVAS implements each test in a plugin called Network Vulnerability Test (NVT). It currently has more than 57000 active plugins which can detect a huge numer of vulnerabilities for numerous services and applications.

The scanner works by first detecting which ports are open on the target host and then by running each applicable NVT against the open ports.
Since it performs a considerable number of tests, the scan can take from 30 minutes to several hours.