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As an ethical hacker, you know there’s always more to a piece of technology than meets the eye.

Your deep-dive abilities and endless curiosity have taught you that the work behind the scenes involves a lot more effort than outsiders realize. That’s why we’re excited to share with you the choices and thinking that went into the new website!

These are the core principles we built on

As a team, we’ve made it our mission to empower security teams to deliver successful penetration testing engagements with superior speed, consistency, and flexibility. Having a website that enables all of these things and supports users who try our pentest tools for free is just as important for us as making sure the platform itself (which is separate from the website) runs at peak performance.

Because we believe in walking the talk, we now have a website that better reflects where we are now as a company, as a team, and as people who express themselves and connect with others through technology.

Superior speed

Let’s geek out for a moment, shall we? 

We hope you’ll notice the new website is really fast. Our team chose a blend of cutting-edge technologies and frameworks such as Vue JSNuxt.JS, and Tailwind to make your experience on smooth, responsive, and instantly rewarding.

Want to try our Website Vulnerability Scanner for free or see what our Find Domains tool can dig up? It’s just as easy and quick to use them on desktop as it is on mobile. Because you need to act on inspiration and a-ha! moments when they strike, we’re making pentesting on the go reality.


The brand refresh captures how our company has grown over the years. The new set of colors, fonts, and imagery bring out the energy and focus our team put into their work on a daily basis.

The new website is not just easy on the eyes (both literally and figuratively) but it’s also more intuitive to navigate. The fluid UI eliminates distractions and keeps you on task while also helping us deliver the tools and content you need at a much faster pace.

old versus new logo

As firm believers in the value of a good process, our approach to building the brand is to focus on iterating.


We have a good idea of the destination in sight and we’re pouring everything we know about our customers, the cybersecurity industry, and all our experience into it.


The new website is a great start and we’re proud of what we are achieving every day as a team. Eager for the destination but enjoying every step of the journey. – Octavian Arnaut, Head of Design


One of our core goals with the new website is to make sure everyone can enjoy richer experiences and faster flow through the website. People who do pentesting work have a wide range of needs and contexts, so we made major changes to the accessibility options that serve them.

We adhere to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act guidelines and W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). 

Viorel Mocanu“Every website realignment and redesign is an adventure. 


As in every such process, there are lots of pitfalls and traps you need to maneuver through and lots of questions to answer clearly before even thinking about starting the journey: how much do we involve the users?, what tech stack is ideal for the job?,  to what degree should we just realign or outright design everything from scratch?, and so on.


I’d like to publicly thank everyone for their effort and congratulate them on exceeding every expectation with their dedication and the end result itself.” – Viorel Mocanu, Head of Digital Growth

Not everything changes. Here’s what stays the same

Because the website and platform run separately, your pentesting arsenal remains unchanged. The 25+ tools for reconnaissance, vulnerability discovery, and offensive security activities you know and love are still there, getting better with each monthly update.

You still have 2 free scans every 24 hours for tools such Find SubdomainsTCP Port ScanWebsite ReconSSL/TLS Vulnerability Scanner, and others with Light Scan options.

In the following months, we will complete the revamp of this blog and our cloud-based platform for paying customers. Count on us to keep everything you know and love about and make it much, much better!

Stefan GalescuFor me, the biggest challenge was to make sure the new free scans flow works just like the old one – but better!


From improved target input validation to the scan history dropdown menu and enhanced navigation in scan reports, I had to make sure no detail was overlooked.


Working on the new website was a privilege for me. I had the opportunity to contribute to a major change in the website architecture and I’m thrilled about this achievement! I’ve learned more than I could imagine during these months and I look forward to applying the skills and knowledge I acquired from it. – Stefan Galescu, Front-end developer

Everyone contributed – a BIG thank you to our team!

Information security is a field where technical mastery is celebrated as the ultimate achievement. We’d like to expand that view and add more nuance to it.

While technical skill is undoubtedly important, communication abilities are just as important, whether they manifest through design, UX, written content, videos, visuals, or other elements.

While we share the love of all things tech, we also have a deep appreciation for using technology in a way that feels human, inclusive, and kind. That’s why we’re happy that everyone in the team pitched in their best ideas, work, and energy.  

Filip Tepes-OneaMy role was to make sure that the developers’ experience is as good as possible by building a CI/CD in Bitbucket pipelines and ensuring the new frontend is scalable.


We started by doing a couple of benchmarks on different hosting platforms and deployment methods and finally settled for Kubernetes. This seemed like a challenge for me at the beginning, as it was my first time using K8s,  but I found it easier than I thought.


It was a nice experience working on the new website and I’m looking forward to the new challenges that will come! – Filip Tepes-Onea, Software Developer

Trust the process – quality over quantity

With this new website, we’ve laid out the foundation for a company-wide refresh that harnesses everyone’s experience, passion, and personal commitment to make a meaningful contribution to the information security community.

As we’ve always done, we will continue to actively seek feedback from you – our users – and apply it to improve every aspect of how works, adding a touch of delight along the way.

Our team’s enthusiasm and dedication are proof that a lot more good stuff is on the way!

Dragos Sandu“Working on this new project was a loop between learning, applying, getting angry about why it doesn’t work, and repeating the process. ‘Learning by doing is definitely my kind of approach!


The combination of learning, sharing knowledge, finding solutions to completely new problems, re-iterating over the code when we realized there are simpler solutions – it all kept me on my toes and very connected to the team.” – Dragos Sandu, Software Developer

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