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Company facts, headquartered in Europe (Bucharest, Romania), makes offensive cybersecurity tools and proprietary vulnerability scanner software for penetration testers and other infosec pros.

Over 1900 security teams in 95 countries use our toolkit to identify paths attackers can exploit to compromise your organization so you can effectively reduce your exposure to cyberattacks.

  • Founded


  • Headquarters

    Bucharest, Romania, Europe

  • Team

    60+ specialists with backgrounds in cybersecurity, software development, business operations, and communications

  • Market reach

    over 1900 security teams in 95 countries


Product facts

  • 1 scan

    every 6s

  • 7.5+ million


  • 5+ million


  • 1.5+ million

    scheduled scans/year

  • 680.000

    scans through API/year

  • 470.000+

    scans through pentest robots/year

Why we help security teams get a hacker's perspective

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The Web does not just connect machines, it connects people.

World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee

This is a perspective we embody in everything we build at

Our offensive security tools do more than probe for weaknesses in systems - they empower individuals to understand and fix these vulnerabilities.

This work isn't just about keeping systems and data safe. It's about ensuring everyone can work securely, build innovative products and thriving businesses, support their families, and look after one another.

We believe no security tool can ever replace a human specialist, no matter how good. 

Our goal is to help security and IT teams be exponentially more effective in what they do best: interpret the context, decide which path to focus on during the test, and select the relevant data for the business.

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Adrian Furtuna

Founder & CEO at

Quote author: Adrian Furtuna

By making it easy for security and IT teams to run the key steps of a penetration test, easily and without expert hacking skills, we give them a realistic view of what an attacker sees and can access from the outside.

High-risk vulnerabilities a bad actor can exploit remotely are particularly attractive targets. They also pose a substantial risk to organizations. This is why finding and addressing them has an outsized positive impact on their resilience against unauthorized intrusions. It’s also why we’ve been focusing on this for over a decade.

The values that drive us


White hats are all we wear. We are unflinchingly committed to ethical hacking both in terms of principles and practice. We do not encourage any unethical activities and behavior.


We deliver on our promise, communicate transparently, and actively seek feedback from our customers. We treasure their trust and hold ourselves accountable for cultivating it.


We hate poorly written software and unreliable results. That is why we strive to create a product our customers can fully rely on. We use it ourselves daily and integrate feedback from customers in updates and new features.

Awards and recognition

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SC Awards 2022

Best Vulnerability Management Solution (highly commended)

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Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE 2022

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G2 2024

Spring 2024 - Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

“Ease of use, No complaints, No drawbacks found!”

Pentest-Tools is by far the best penetration testing software we have used. The support and customer relations team responds to us almost instantly, making our experience even more impressive.

Mathieu F.

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“Honestly, anyone in the Cyber Security Industry NEEDS to have Pentest-Tools in their tool belt” is an exceptional platform for cybersecurity professionals, offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies the complex process of penetration testing. Its pre-programmed tools are a standout feature, enabling users to conduct comprehensive scans and security assessments with minimal setup.

Troy J.

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“Fast and easy to use”

The best about Pentest-Tools are the preconfigured tools for checking the web services. They are easy to use and fast to implement.

Nicola J.

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G2 reviews

Spring 2024 - Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

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“Fast, Easy and Useful Tools” is a fantastic tools with great preconfigured features. It has such a range of comprehensive solutions which are really vital for any security team to get the job done efficiently.

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Spring 2024 - Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

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How to Web Conference 2018

Startup Spotlight - Best Innovation Award

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Grand Prize Winner

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Andra Zaharia

Head of Content & Community

Communication specialist with a decade of experience in cybersecurity

I strongly believe in serving the infosec community through ethical marketing that builds bridges across people, organizations, and industries. I stick to the point and prefer a hands-on approach.

Student of the hacker mindset. Adamant about using the right words and fighting against infosec marketing clichés.

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