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Looking for a review of Pentest-Tools.com to help you decide if it’s right for you? Discover why security and IT specialists worldwide trust our platform of automated penetration testing tools.

Exceptional breadth of quality tools and reasonable pricing

  • Extensive tool stack

  • Reasonable pricing

NextWave has been relying on Pentest-Tools.com for several years now.

I’ve tried some of the other pentest systems, but none have the exceptional breadth of quality tools AND reasonable pricing we can afford.

This makes Pentest-Tools.com a core part of our company’s network security offering. I highly recommend it.

Charles Christenson

Charles Christenson

Presidentat NextWave Consulting, Inc Industry: IT&C

Unmatched simplicity and ease in running network and web server scans

  • Ease of use

  • All-in-one platform

Pentest-Tools.com is my team's first go-to solution.

Anytime we are preparing to deploy a new version of our software, we run many tools to monitor and secure our environment, but the simplicity and ease we have with Pentest-Tools.com to run network and web server scans to highlight issues is unmatched.

Michael Dornan

Michael Dornan

CEOat Tili Group Industry: IT&C

We now rely on the scheduled scans for all our offices and websites

  • Scheduled scans

  • Daily security checks

With several offices dotted around the world and 3 brands with multiple websites, I needed a solution that allowed me to monitor potential vulnerabilities across our business.

We started with manual scans but now rely on the scheduling services for all our offices and websites to alert us of any issues.

We’ve come to use the dashboard as a point of reference every day as part of our daily checks and we wouldn’t be without it.

As long as Pentest-Tools.com continues to improve the scans and add new types of scans as the security landscape adapts, they’ll continue to have my business.

Rob Klarner

Rob Klarner

IT & Network Supervisorat HBD Europe Ltd Industry: IT&C

The detailed reports allow us to precisely identify and quickly respond to any potential issues

  • Detailed reports

  • Comprehensive vulnerability assessments

Pentest-Tools.com provides me with a comprehensive up to date 3rd party vulnerability assessment.

The detailed reports allow us to precisely identify and quickly respond to any potential issues. I regularly run the test on my web services and recommend everyone to check their systems with it.

Anthony Bainton

Anthony Bainton

CTO Industry: IT&C

All-in-one comprehensive toolset for external red team/asset mapping engagements

  • All-in-one platform

  • Comprehensive solution

Pentest-Tools.com is the Swiss army knife for anyone performing black-box external network security assessments and an all-in-one comprehensive toolset for external red team/asset mapping engagements.

I used to rely on a wide range of tools when mapping and scanning external organization assets, but since I found this comprehensive solution, I rarely need to use more than one.

Shay Chen

Shay Chen

CEOat Effective Security Ltd.

The tools are easy to use and the reporting is clear and detailed

  • Attractive pricing

  • Wide range of tests

We have been using the penetration testing suite of Pentest-Tools.com effectively for our high-profile website clients to much success.

The tools are easy to use and the reporting is clear and detailed enough to help us understand potential issues for quick remediation and also to provide our clients with the confidence that their websites are secure.

The pricing is very attractive especially given the wide range of tests that are available and the ease of use.

We highly recommend this service to anyone who is serious about hosting and maintaining websites or other cloud hosted services.

Carsten Eckelmann

Carsten Eckelmann

Directorat 2pi Software Industry: IT&C

The go-to platform for automated web vulnerability assessments

  • Ease of use

  • Great reporting capabilities

We teamed up with Pentest-Tools.com nearly 3 years ago and offered their great Web Vulnerability Assessment tools in our threatmap.ro platform, offering free, one-click quick scans for our user base.

We absolutely loved the experience, so far :) and appreciate the great collaboration with their team and how easy it is to work with them in demanding projects such as Threatmap.

Orange threatmap

Having access to a well documented API was key for the successful integration of Threatmap and Pentest-Tools.com and the girls and guys over there delivered a great API, were prompt in answering our feedback and supporting our needs for some over-the-top custom integration requirements.

Ioan Constantin

Ioan Constantin

Cyber Security Expertat Orange Industry: Telecom

Pentest-Tools.com is the Swiss Army Knife of scanning tools

  • Excellent support

  • Reasonable pricing

I’ve found Pentest-Tools.com is the Swiss Army Knife of scanning tools that you can easily manage to deploy yourself online with excellent built-in help to assist you.

It gives you the confidence to know that your internet security isn’t going to be easily compromised in future.

And the cost of using these tools is very reasonable considering what you get for the level of service you require.

Mark Dyson

Mark Dyson

AppleCertified Support Professional Industry: IT&C

It's one of those tools in my "bag of tricks" that I come back to often

  • Ongoing security assessments

  • Independent validation

Pentest-Tools.com gives me peace of mind when selling online products that my site isn't leaving any open holes, or footprints to be exploited.

It's one of those tools in my "bag of tricks" that I come back to often, just like a buddy who can offer another set of eyes. Thanks!

Brett Martling

Founderat LMI Industries Industry: IT&C

Pentest-Tools.com definitely is a tool I cannot do without

  • Easy vulnerability assessments

  • Critical MSP tool

I am very satisfied with my most recent order from Pentest-Tools.com. These tools make it very easy for me to assess a client's vulnerability without being an expert on cyber-security.

A one-man MSP needs all the tools he can get and Pentest-Tools.com definitely is a tool I cannot do without.

Travis Haynes

Travis Haynes

MSPat River Trail Technology Industry: IT&C

The tools are easy to use and all in one place

  • Integrated tools

  • Clear reports

PC Dial often uses Pentest-Tools.com to help us prepare for PCI compliance on behalf of our customers. The tools are easy to use and all in one place rather than having to load up several tools for different scanning tasks. The reports produced are clear with good information on any issues found with clear advice on possible fixes.

Thank you Pentest-Tools.com for a great product!

Jeremy Gardner

Jeremy Gardner

Technical Directorat PCDial.com Industry: IT&C

Makes providing reports of checks, scans etc. fast and easy

  • Easy and fast pentest reports

I like Pentest-Tools.com because the platform allows me to confirm open ports - if any - in a quarterly review for my client services.

Providing reports of checks, scans, etc. is crucial in my industry and with these tools, it is fast and easy.

Joshua Brown

Joshua Brown

IT Consultant Industry: IT&C

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Gave me a full understanding of the tools for monitoring and auditing IT infrastructure security

  • Always-on tools

  • Thorough overview of IT infrastructure security

I love the Pentest-Tools.com platform because it gave me a full understanding of the tools for monitoring and auditing the level of security for IT infrastructure.

The tools are always on, constantly up-to-date and give me comfort for my day-to-day work.

Grzegorz Janicki

Grzegorz Janicki

CISA Auditor Industry: IT&C

Complete and easy to use, in-depth analysis

  • Comprehensive tools

  • In-depth analysis

Qcast is keen on using Pentest-Tools.com because it provides a complete and easy to use in-depth analysis of our public web applications.

Our security has been improved and we highly recommend it!

Paul Liebregts

Paul Liebregts

Technical Directorat Qcast Industry: IT&C

All of the scans I’ve used run fast and the reports contain the details you need

  • Fast scans

  • No-fluff reports

The Pentest-Tools.com site is super easy to use and reports export in a variety of formats.

All of the scans I’ve used run fast and the reports contain the details that you need, no fluff. Nice work, Pentest-Tools.com!

Bill Ruhl

Bill Ruhl

System Administratorat dealerdownloads.com Industry: IT&C

We use the tools to validate the security infrastructure and to show our customers the quality of our work

  • Security checks and validation

  • Easy reporting

We typically use Pentest-Tools.com to validate the web applications we build internally or for our customers. Not only do we use the tools to validate the security infrastructure, but also to show the customer the quality of the work done.

Recently, these test reports are helpful to validate the data security also for GDPR compliance.

Alessandro Sposito

Alessandro Sposito

R&D & Product Managerat Foresite Industry: IT&C

The scanners provide very accurate and fast results

  • Automation

  • Very accurate and fast results

Normally, my Pentest / Bug Hunting Cycle is done manually, or with tools developed by me. I rarely used other tools, as most of their output has false positives.

But I came across the Pentest-Tools.com website and used the free scans for some recon tools, which give fabulous output, so I purchased the standard package to test the rest of the scanners, which provide very accurate and fast results.

Qusai Alhaddad

Qusai Alhaddad

Malware Reverse Engineering Specialistat Bahrain Electricity and Water Authority Industry: Critical Infrastructure

Pentest-Tools.com helps us find any security issues quickly

  • Quick results for complex products

Pentest-Tools.com is an easy solution that we included as part of our testing.

It’s very important that for a large product we could find any security issues quickly, and Pentest-Tools.com helps us do just that.

James Proctor

James Proctor

Managing Directorat WJP Software Limited Industry: IT&C

I very much enjoy using Pentest-Tools.com for all my mission-critical checks

  • Quick, easy websites security checks

I very much enjoy using Pentest-Tools.com for all my mission-critical checks and final checks before launching a new website service.

Egbert von Frankenberg

Egbert von Frankenberg

CEO & Founderat Knightfox App Design Ltd. Industry: IT&C

The tool is absolutely easy to use, with comprehensive and customizable report templates

  • Easy, comprehensive and customizable reports

I have been using Pentest-Tools.com for almost a year.

I had 3 internal audits in my organisation where I had to run the scan for corporate websites and partners websites. My security audit has been cleared successfully because of Pentest-Tools.com, as the report is really comprehensive which has helped us identify the vulnerabilities on our websites and hence we were able to fix the issues.

The tool is absolutely easy to use, with comprehensive and customisable report templates.

I will definitely recommend this tool with a rating of 5/5.

Aditya M.

Aditya M.

Vice President of Information Technologyat Optimum Solutions Industry: IT&C

I’ve found Pentest-Tools.com incredibly easy to use

  • Excellent pricing

  • Ease of use

I’ve found Pentest-Tools.com incredibly easy to use. I’ve been following this company for a while and they continue to add tools and features.

The pricing makes them an incredible value. And their blog is a good educational resource. Looking forward to what they add next. Keep up the great work!

Thomas Derenthal

Presidentat IT Consulting Services Industry: IT&C

The Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of the results and what to focus on

  • Quick snapshot of scan results in the dashboard

"We use Pentest-Tools.com for pentesting websites and the platform features we use work successfully.

I like that the Dashboard gives me a quick snapshot of the results and shows me what I need to focus on.

I believe the VPN profile is a new feature and I have yet to use it. I do need the ability to scan our internal network to satisfy external auditor requirements, so I’ll be testing this out very soon.

We use the platform to verify the sites we develop are secure from vulnerabilities before they are put into production for the client or for the general public. This helps us prove to our clients that the site we developed is secure from vulnerabilities."

Anonymous G2 Reviewer

Administrator in Logistics and Supply Chain Industry: Logistics

Quick response from the team and flexible tool with good results

  • Detailed reports with recommendations

"I appreciate the easy-to-use interface and the detailed report with included recommendations.

We use Pentest-Tools.com for quick penetration testing results and we run multiple scans to ensure security vulnerabilities are resolved."

Another G2 Reviewer

IT Administrator in Computer Software Industry: IT&C

We love using Pentest-Tools.com because it enables us to secure websites we build for our customers

  • Scheduled scans

  • Automated scans via the API

In a world where vulnerabilities change frequently and the impact of security breaches grows, we need tools to scan our websites more frequently.

The schedule function of Pentest-Tools.com is step one and our next move is to automate scans using the API.

Mark Rooijens

Mark Rooijens

CEOat Cipix Internet Industry: IT&C

Get a complete “health” picture of your website

  • Broad and detailed analysis of any website’s security

We have been using Pentest-Tools.com for several years. It is one of the tools that any e-commerce business owners or managers without technical knowledge can run at any time to get a complete 'health' picture of their site.

We were able to fix many issues and stay ahead before bad things happen to our website.

Kevin “Bao” Huynh

Kevin “Bao” Huynh

Presidentat The Nail Superstore Industry: Beauty

Efficient automated scans, powerful capabilities, good vulnerability management, and quality results

  • Ready-to-use

  • Available anywhere, anytime

Before using Pentest-Tools.com, I struggled with managing results/vulnerabilities and I was losing a lot of time.

It’s a big plus for me to have a ready-to-use Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing environment that’s available anytime. It means I can launch tests from everywhere, as long as I have a network connection.

The Sniper tool within Pentest-Tools.com helped me in two major ways.

First, it provides me with a way to increase (automatically) the severity of major vulnerabilities found during the Vulnerability Assessments by showing the possibility of exploitation.

Second, you can showcase evidence of the complete attack chain to end consumers of your work (management, developers, and so on), basically demonstrating how to achieve a Remote Code Execution from zero knowledge up to compromise.

When I’m not using Pentest-Tools.com for business purposes, I use it a lot for doing Recon and Information Gathering when working on a specific Bug Bounty program.

Plus, the team is friendly and amazing, so I know I can get reliable help when I need it.

Cristian Cornea
Cristian Cornea
Cyber Security Researcher Industry: Cybersecurity

I always get detailed and accurate information about the tested target

  • Intuitive interface

  • Detailed and accurate scan results

I really love Pentest-Tools.com because it’s very intuitive and very user-friendly.

When I use the scans I always get detailed and accurate information about the tested target.

Daniel Simo

Daniel Simo

General Managerat COMTEC Industry: IT&C

I found Pentest-Tools.com to be a complete platform

  • Comprehensive tool stack

  • Visibility through scan results

As a part of my consulting business, I found Pentest-Tools.com to be a complete platform to assess initial findings to go further and help my customers to reach their goals!

I’m pleased to recommend Pentest-Tools.com to companies and individuals who want to have visibility and improve their security.

Franco Paolo Carranza

Franco Paolo Carranza

Digital Transformation Leader and Tech Visionaryat Applied Labs Industry: Healthcare

Helps us quickly find vulnerabilities on public websites and confirm issues have been fixed

  • Quick pentesting results for websites

"Pentest-Tools.com helps us quickly find vulnerabilities on public websites and verify them after fixing the issues we spotted using the tools."

G2 Reviewer

IT Administrator Industry: Construction

Easy-to-use platform that provides complex information

  • Easy-to-use

  • Detailed exposure information

Pentest-Tools.com is an easy-to-use platform that provides complex information, detailed information. With the help of this software platform, we managed to identify severe vulnerabilities in places where we would not have thought they could exist.

It has a wide variety of technologies that it analyzes, so we easily identify vulnerabilities in the software we create.

Cristian I.

Cristian I.

Digital Platforms Manager Industry: IT&C

The Pentest-Tools.com platform is getting better and better

  • Constant platform updates and improvements

The Titu Maiorescu University has been benefiting for several years from the services offered by Pentest-Tools.com, both to ensure the security of its own servers and software applications, and for its students to use in their computer security laboratories.

We have collaborated very well so far and we will definitely collaborate in the future.

I highly recommend using the Pentest-Tools.com platform, which is getting better and better. Good luck!

Professor Iustin Priescu, PhD

Professor Iustin Priescu, PhD

Dean of the College of Informaticsat Titu Maiorescu University Industry: Education

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