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Online Vulnerability Scanner

Hit all your targets with our online vulnerability scanner that's optimized for painless reporting

Right now, security teams and pentesters must pick between a wide variety of diverse, specialized tools. Why? Because purchasing and trialing every tool out there is an unaffordable drain on resources. Selection and compromise are business necessities.

But properly testing new options takes time. Qualitative data from our research suggests it takes as long as a full business quarter to thoroughly assess a single scanning tool. It doesn’t have to be this way every time. is an online penetration testing platform that incorporates a range of online vulnerability scanners and features so you don’t need to test or maintain an expensive toolstack. We offer a way to integrate pentesting favorites – from online vulnerability scanners to issue tracking (e.g. Jira), and reporting – so you can reduce your technical debt and maintenance costs. is a multi-functional, high-quality toolkit with the must-have usefulness and versatility you need. Our advanced tools and features are designed to elevate your work and expertise through practice.

  • Multiple target types

    Scan for different types of targets from standard web applications to networks and content management systems.

  • Optimized settings

    Start a security scan quickly with settings that are already optimized by the pentesters in our team, yet flexible enough for the specific configurations you need.

  • Quality findings

    Produce high-quality results that are accurate, transparent, filtered, presentable, actionable, and multi-purpose.

All online security scanners are not equal

Here are a few ways that supports you to deliver successful engagements and enjoy the process.


Other external scanners


Range of tools

  • Different tool types for recon, scanning, and reporting

  • An all-in-one comprehensive pentesting arsenal

Setup speed

  • Prior installation and configuration required before you start

  • Pre-optimized online scanners for fast onboarding and instant results

Pentesting workflow

  • Attempts to replace pentesters and human input with end-to-end automation

  • Helps pentesters scale their expertise with thoughtful automation they control

Types of scans

  • Standard, non-parallel web application scanning with output that needs a lot of manual work to sift through

  • Internal network scanning, CMS scanning, web app scanning, plus reconnaissance and offensive scanning tools

Reporting options

  • Reports that are difficult to navigate, rigid, and plain, while also needing constant manual updates

  • Reports that automatically pull findings from online scans, with easily customizable and reusable templates

You need an online scanner with range, flexibility, and impact

The good news is you don't need to find multiple scanners or large chunks of extra time to configure and use them one by one. We built to provide you with online vulnerability scanners with wide target ranges, adjustable settings, and actionable results.

You need an online vulnerability scanner that matches different target types you have in your engagements. provides you with a range of web vulnerability scanners that:

  • Discover common web app vulnerabilities and identify web server configuration issues
  • Find exploitable vulnerabilities in different Content Management Systems such as our online WordPress vulnerability scanner
  • Map all services exposed on the network perimeter and discover vulnerabilities relevant to external and internal networks

You can use any of these tools to scan the target application as an authenticated user. And you can perform scans remotely, without authentication, simulating an external attacker.

We also provide scanners with optimized and flexible settings. Our pentesters already configured them with optimal settings for best performance and results. This simplifies and speeds up your workflow and engagements.

And all our scan settings are fully configurable. You can choose between light and deep scans, or whether to skip some initial security checks. You also have the ability to select between different attack options.

An online scanner with comprehensive coverage and specialized settings produces high-quality results. All our scan results are:

  • Transparent – we provide lists of all vulnerability tests performed

  • Summarized – each report contains an overview of our findings

  • Filtered – all detected vulnerabilities are ranked by risk or you can combine filters for more specific reports

  • Actionable – our reports contain a detailed explanation of risks and recommendations for fixing identified security gaps

  • Multi-purpose – you can use report results for various types of engagements, such as website penetration testing, security self-assessments, or third-party website security audits has all the features we need

Prior to, we used several different tools that performed a wide range of functions for us. Now, we don't use them anymore because we don't need to. has all the features we need, like API, VPN and network scanning. It reports quickly and well. It maps attack surfaces. And it automates a lot of our manual work

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And test the Light version of our free online vulnerability scanner

What online vulnerability scanners do you offer?

We've talked about the wide scope of our vulnerability scanning tools. But what do you get for your investment?

Our tools centre around web vulnerability scanners that discover common web app vulnerabilities (e.g. SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and others in the OWASP Top 10) and identify web server misconfigurations (e.g. missing HTTP headers). You can also use them to scan the target application as an authenticated user.

Next, we have network vulnerability scanners. They map all services exposed on the network perimeter and discover vulnerabilities relevant to networks, like outdated services, missing security patches, and badly configured servers.

Finally, our web CMS scanners find exploitable CVEs in the most popular content management systems, such as our Joomla vulnerability scanner. Our reports include discovered plugins, themes, and information about out of date versions and components.

There are various reconnaissance tools and offensive tools too that help with your discovery and attack surface mapping, so you can identify and prioritize for remediation those security vulnerabilities that malware might use as entry points.

Why security and IT pros are switching to for online vulnerability scanning

The range of tools and the quality of reports are just two of the compelling reasons why professional pentesters and security experts are investing in

  1. 1

    Reliable scan performance and intelligent results

    Unreliable vulnerability scanners are the scourge of your security team. They waste valuable time, effort, energy and other scarce resources. You need an online security scanner with tools that work every time and get rigorous updates with detection for new vulnerabilities to provide accurate results. has provided online vulnerability scanning tools since we started in 2013. The founder and CEO of, Adrian Furtuna , is an ethical hacker and pentest team leader, performing technical cyber security projects. Adrian understands the need for a reliable online resource to use for performing security tests and founded to solve this industry-wide issue.

    Our online tools are pre-configured and optimized for performance by expert penetration testers. We update our scanners monthly, to ensure ever more precise detection and performance. And, we’re proud that was recognized as a High Performer in G2's Winter 2021 Grid Report.

    Quality is one of the three key values around which our company is built.

    We don't like poorly written software and unreliable results. That's why we strive to build a platform our users can always rely on.

    The support you enjoy from is another top quality feature of our platform. One of our customers, cyber security researcher Cristian Cornea , not only appreciates the quality of the results, but also the support.

    "The team is friendly and amazing, so I know I can get reliable help when I need it."

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    All scan settings fully under your control provides you with full control over the scan settings for deep scans in paid plans. This includes passive and active checks. (see Website scanner options in the logged-in area.

    Scan performed with website scanner

    With you can easily reconfigure your scan settings to specific requirements or run more targeted checks.

    This flexibility is particularly useful for your scheduled scans. You have complete control over when the scan runs and the timezones involved. You can also control how frequently you receive notifications, and modify the email addresses for those who receive them, saving hours of manual work.

  3. 3

    Authenticated scanning for web apps and networks

    An authenticated scanning option is vital for any reliable online vulnerability scanner. The capability to scan web apps as an authenticated user means you can scan websites that require authentication as a logged-in user. You also may need an internal scanning network option so you can scan targets from a private network over VPN.

    All pricing plans include two-factor authentication. When you choose higher tiers, you can scan behind logged-in websites as an authenticated user. You can also scan internal networks by employing the ready-to-use VPN networks to reach internal hosts.

  4. 4

    Full transparency for test lists and other items

    The website vulnerability scanner gives you full transparency over all its technical details. This includes a list of all the tests performed by the Website Scanner for both the light and deep scans. Our report also provides details on the approach and methodology used in the scan.

    Transparency is also a feature of our platform's Attack Surface view . This includes a centralized overview of all IP addresses, hostnames, operating systems, services, technologies, and their versions from all your targets. This includes, for example, open ports. Each workspace generates an Attack Surface.

    Finally, in the Team tab, under Shared Items, our platform provides a view of the complete list of team members, granted permissions, wordlists, and other shared resources. This gives you a transparent overview of your entire team setup and makes collaboration a lot more effective.

  5. 5

    Predictable and professional online scanning reports

    Reports play a major part in the overall scanning service because they incorporate details about the vulnerability details and remediation. It's a major problem when you're researching for an online vulnerability scanner if potential scanners give you no idea what your eventual reports might look like. provides a report preview for all online vulnerability scanners. You can also watch a video that shows you how our advanced reporting options work. reports are fast, accurate, and exportable. An advanced edit option allows you to generate advanced pentest reports in editable format, enabling you to produce a customized 'white label' report for your clients with custom logos, heading, and other elements.

How to Generate Editable Pentest Reports with - fast & accurate pentest reporting

There is a tool for everything, starting from the analysis of the attack surface, to network scanning, and in-depth scans of web application security. We use it as an automatic tool for automatic scans every week to avoid problems and regressions. There are dozen different scanning solutions, they cover all the possible network architectures, technology and scheduling to produce professional reports. The price is excellent and it is almost impossible to have the same quality at the same price.

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