The scalable Acunetix alternative – a spearheading toolkit that blends the best in scale and innovation with the human factor

  • As the first exclusively cloud-based penetration testing platform, continues to lead the field, constantly evolving with new, interlinked tools

  • is a fully-featured platform that supports the entire vulnerability assessment and pentesting workflow, from reconnaissance to reporting, across multiple target types

  • The unique approach of is to develop innovative technology in support of human expertize, automating only what can and should be automated

A full pentesting arsenal

Does cut itas an Acunetix alternative?

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A pentesting platform you can scale over multiple companies, offices, and websites

With several offices dotted around the world and 3 brands with multiple websites, I needed a solution that allowed me to monitor potential vulnerabilities across our business.

We started with manual scans but now rely on the scheduling services for all our offices and websites to alert us of any issues.

We’ve come to use the dashboard as a point of reference every day as part of our daily checks and we wouldn’t be without it.
Rob Klarner
Rob Klarner
IT & Network Supervisor at HBD Europe Ltd

At a glance vs Acunetix




Pricing structure

  • 4 pricing plans from Basic to Enterprise

  • Ability to switch between plans

  • Pricing available only on demand

  • Pricing based on multi-year contracts

Scanning tool range

  • 7 Reconnaissance tools

  • 3 Web vulnerability scanners

  • 4 Web CMS Scanners

  • 3 Network vulnerability scanners

  • 7 Offensive tools

  • On-premise or cloud deployment


  • Jira, Slack and Webhooks

  • APIs

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Issue Trackers

  • Project Management

  • Continuous Integration

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Providers

  • Team Messaging Systems

  • Privileged Access Management

  • APIs

  • Web Application Firewalls

Number and accuracy of vulnerabilities

  • 11,000+ Vulnerabilities

  • Specialized ethical exploitation tools

  • Personal response to false positives

  • 7,000 + vulnerability checks

  • Eliminates/reduces false positives

Advanced reporting options

  • Advanced editable reports feature in DOCX format

  • White label reports feature

  • Also available in PDF, HTML, and CSV

  • Multiple report types including

  • Compliance Reports (e.g. OWASP Top 10) and Trend Reports

  • Only PDF and HTML formats

Technical support

  • Online contact, knowledge base, and blog

  • Platform tutorials

  • Pentesting guides

  • Guaranteed reply time

  • Talk directly to support staff

  • Online contact, knowledge base, and other resources

  • Standard, Premium and Guided Success support plans

Why security and IT pros prefer as an Acunetix alternative

  • A comprehensive tool range that covers every area of the vulnerability assessment and penetration testing process, from reconnaissance, to vulnerability, web and network scanning, to offensive tasks

  • A focused automation policy that provides ever new ways to automate the tedious tasks while supporting and unleashing the human expertize

  • A Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) platform that scales to suit your business needs, resources, and technology ecosystem

  • A selection of specialized exploitation tools that save you time and repetition and also validate the real impact of critical, widespread CVEs

  • A focus on superior speed in security assessments, servers, scan durations, pentest reporting, vulnerability updates, customer responses, and so much more

  • A best-quality, customizable reporting feature that raises your output with graphs and your company logo, so that reports are ready-made for clients and stakeholders

  • A highly competitive pricing structure that is flexible and scalable enough to cater for a single specialist consultant or a large multinational enterprise

  • A multi-medium support system that offers customers a range of options and guarantees reply times and direct help for support staff

Penetration testing tools with accuracy and speed that overcome false positives

Normally, my Pentest / Bug Hunting Cycle is done manually, or with tools developed by me. I rarely used other tools, as most of their output has false positives.

But I came across the website and used the free scans for some recon tools, which give fabulous output, so I purchased the standard package to test the rest of the scanners, which provide very accurate and fast results.
Qusai Alhaddad
Qusai Alhaddad
Malware Reverse Engineering Specialist at Bahrain Electricity and Water Authority

Start using the platform today

Get instant access to custom vulnerability scanners and automation features that simplify the pentesting process and produce valuable results. The platform helps you cover all the stages of an engagement, from information gathering to website scanning, network scanning, exploitation and reporting. offers faster pentest reporting and better vulnerability discovery.

Can scale the way that Acunetix can?

Some of our competitors claim that simply can't scale with your business as they can. But do they stand up to scrutiny? Let’s look at the facts. offers all the features you expect and need to scale:

  • Scan templates – Group multiple tools, create a template containing a single scan with a specific, reusable configuration, or use predefined templates for common vulnerabilities such as XSS or SQL Injections
  • Bulk scanning – Configure batch scans to optimize your VA and pentesting workflow
  • Scan scheduling – Set up regular scans and automate notifications to reduce the administrative load
  • Report templates – Choose a predefined template or customize your own reusable one
  • Shared items and workspaces – Collaborate by sharing your work and findings with colleagues

And we don’t just match the scalability of competing tools – we exceed them!

Automation is the key to scaling vulnerability assessment and pentest work, especially if it amplifies unique human expertize. have developed unique pentest robots that are capable of automating 80% of your manual work, such as recon or full web app scanning. These automated and customizable testing sequences allow you to eliminate repetitive tasks, waiting times, manual steps and other barriers.

Recon Robot

Discovers all subdomains of a target domain. Then continues with full port scanning and service discovery.

For each web port, it does recon to gather technologies and take screenshots. You can find all the data aggregated in the unified Attack Surface view.’s pricing is structured according to your company size, with a tailored option for enterprises with more than 500 assets. Besides more assets and parallel scans, the Enterprise plan includes features designed for businesses operating at scale. For example, account owners can add sub-users in an organization. , get specific functionality, and multi-year subscriptions.

Integrations are also important for larger enterprises. While Acunetix offers richer options,’s fully featured API enables you to integrate our platform’s capabilities into your tools and internal processes. Our Webhook integration allows you to configure to send webhook data to multiple endpoints. And our dedicated JIRA Integration, designed for Enterprise customers, makes it easier for your team to scale web security work.

Our focus is to help you use our VAPT tools to scale your workflow and keep up with the requirements of your technology ecosystem.

What makes the greatest difference in practice is our focused automation approach. Pentest robots can capture expertly-designed testing sequences that surface vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security issues with privilege escalation potential.

At first we thought you were planning to leave us pentesters without a job and replace us with robots. But, joking aside, we believe this feature can indeed help us automate manual tasks and save time. Seeing how intuitive it is and how it provides a clear audit trail showed me it is very promising if further improved. It looks great and we can't wait to use it at full potential!
Michael Botnik
Michael Botnik
Founder & CEO at Integrity Consulting & Risk management

5 reasons why security pros are choosing over Acunetix

  1. 1

    A pricing structure that's clear, comparable, and competitive

    The pricing structure is transparent and public. That means you know exactly what you're getting for your financial investment. You can take these figures and compare them with other options. You can work out monthly or yearly options accurately.

    As a customer, you can upgrade or downgrade yourself in the space of a few moments, depending on your changing needs. This function is self-serve, so there's no hassle, no additional calls, and no waiting. You can start using the platform immediately and see instant value.

    Acunetix (by Invicti) pricing is based on long-term subscription agreements and multi-year contracts. Actual pricing may be determined by various factors and is customized to match customer needs. You cannot get an estimate without going through their sales process.

  2. 2

    Support responses that are dedicated, multi-platform, and quick

    Acunetix claims they offer world-class support, not just a self-service web interface. They offer three levels of support plans. If customers have questions or technical issues, they can contact Acunetix support to troubleshoot and open a ticket. Acunetix also has support in the form of blogs, webinars, white papers, a buyer's guide, and a knowledge base.

    Of course, offers a similar range of support resources – such as a Knowledge Base and API Reference – reinforced with hacking tutorials and FAQs. The blog supplies a constant stream of pentesting security advice, behind-the-scenes stories, and critical vulnerability analyses. And, from our expansive Support Centre, you can submit a ticket or go to the platform. With Teams and Enterprise plans, you receive Premium Support, which means our dedicated professionals will respond within 48 hours.

    Response from the support was really fast and precise not to mention they offer very competitive pricing.

    Rafael B. - Systems Operation Leader

  3. 3

    High speed responses from both platform and company

    Speed in vulnerability detection means savings in time, money, and human resources. Speed is essential for scaling and balancing priorities, especially when critical vulnerabilities under active exploitation emerge.

    Reducing scan duration has been a priority for from the start. Ever since we built the Website Scanner, our focus was to develop tools that run deeper tests with improved accuracy, but with zero compromise on speed. That's why, unlike Acunetix, has designed a Light Scan version that is optimized for speed. Superior speed is a principle that we've applied across our platform too. is a nimble organization that can react quickly to your needs, unlike more mainstream companies. For example, we integrate new, widespread vulnerabilities within 72hours (on average) from the moment they receive a CVE. You can also use our Network Vulnerability Scanner as a critical CVE scanner and detect high-risk vulnerabilities through the Sniper modules integration.

    Plus, our monthly platform updates continually deliver new and upgraded features to allow you to ramp up your vulnerability detection, validation, and reporting.

  4. 4

    Vulnerability proof that doesn't overpromise or exclude professional input

    Acunetix states that it provides actual proof that a vulnerability exists, whereas requires manual verification. Since dealing with false positives takes time, it’s important to clear this up. Acunetix claims it can eliminate time-wasting false positives by providing proof of exploitation.

    No matter how great, no scanner can:

    • produce findings that are 100% accurate (as Acunetix admits)
    • automatically interpret the context of a target
    • make a judgement on what data is important
    • decide when to investigate further
    • discover logic flaws or chain exploits
    • perform custom post-exploitation tasks

    One hundred percent automation is neither possible nor desirable.

    So, while does recommend confirmation of false positives, we help you out with this:

    1. First, we distinguish between confirmed and unconfirmed findings which you can filter for
    2. Second, we provide a Replay Attack function to help you check the result of exploits
    3. Third, we have dedicated exploitation tools that you can run to get proof for vulnerability validation findings: Sniper – Auto Exploiter, SQLi Exploiter and XSS Exploiter

    These are powerful tools. For example, Sniper – Auto Exploiter automatically gathers information from compromised systems and shows evidence of the complete attack chain. And the Website Scanner collects screenshots for both unauthenticated and authenticated scans.

    Sniper Network Graph – Automatic vulnerability exploitation with network visualization capabilities
  5. 5

    A tool range that reaches what other scanners don't

    Acunetix recommends further information security testing, including manual testing, in addition to their scans. For example, Acunetix suggests follow-up tests for weak passwords, open ports, and even brute force attacks among other things. They also suggest using a network mapper. Finally, Acunetix doesn't test for WiFi security. All this seems to contradict its claims of substantially reducing the need for manual security checks.

    In contrast, takes care of many of these issues with its broad range of 20+ tools for reconnaissance, vulnerability discovery, and offensive security activities. This includes:

    • A Password Auditor to automatically find weak passwords in both network services and web applications
    • A Port Scanner and a UDP Port Scan to discover open ports, detect running service, and map the target’s attack surface
    • A tool to discover both server-side and client-side technologies in use by the target web app
    • An Attack Surface mapping feature to automatically detect and visualize all the services and software running from all your targets in a central, unified view
    • An nternal Network Scanning I feature that runs all the tools though encrypted VPN tunnels to discover security vulnerabilities from your internal network provides the perfect blend of high tech and high touch

Acunetix describes itself as an automated, black-box web application security scanner that automates vulnerability assessment and management processes. In contrast,’s original vision was to combine automation with unique human logic. That means automating what can be automated in smart and innovative ways, such as the pentest robots and Sniper Auto-Exploiter. At the same time, it means acknowledging that human-driven security testing can never be fully replaced by algorithms or scan policies.

The advantage of Pentest-Tools.con over competitors such as Acunetix is that we create space in the workflow for uniquely human contributions to take precedence.

Seasoned pentesting professionals know the VAPT process is complex, especially in intricate and multi-target environments. Automating every step is an overclaim and a simplistic approach that neglects your highest value resource – you! That’s why our pentest robots are 'rocket fuel for pentesters, not their replacement'.

FAQs: Pentest-Tools as the Acunetix alternative

Acunetix is one of the largest vendors of penetration testing software. This established position comes with advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that Acunetix has had more time and resources to develop a longer list of integrations (e.g., for GitHub). It also shows in the fact that Acunetix strives to cater to more conventional approaches through a desktop edition.

But, one disadvantage is that larger, older companies have more decision layers that may make it difficult to respond to sudden changes in the security environment, as new vulnerabilities arise and new tools are required. Another disadvantage is that the human touch gets lost when it comes to support but especially to the scanning processes itself, where automation can become the answer for every issue.

What else is there?

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