Detect if a server is live and responds to ICMP requests.
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Sample ICMP Ping report

Here is a sample report from our ICMP Ping that gives you a taste of how our tools save you time and reduce repetitive manual work.

  • This is just a simple ping output

  • Shows the response time for each ICMP request-reply (in milliseconds)

  • Includes the resolved IP address of the hostname

ICMP Ping Report Sample

How to use the pentesting tool

Use Cases for ICMP Ping

Check if a server is live and responds to ICMP Echo requests. This tool can also be used to find the IP address of a hostname.

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Pentest-Tools.com ICMP Ping Sample Report


Technical details

ICMP Ping is a tool that shows if a target host is reachable over the internet via the ICMP protocol.

The tool also performs a quick DNS resolution and shows the IP address of a given hostname. A set of statistics are shown at the end, such as the number of packets sent/received, percent of packet loss, round trip time information.


TargetThe hostname or IP address that will be pinged.

How it works

Ping uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to determine if the target host is reachable. The tool sends ICMP Echo Request packets to the destination host and waits for ICMP Echo Replies.