The reliable Detectify alternative for VAPT work

What makes the advanced penetration testing platform for seasoned professionals

  • View dashboard showing aggregated scan statistics from 25 tools

  • Automate 80% of your work, so you can focus on the more complex stuff

  • Produce branded, customizable reports in minutes

There is a tool for everything [in], starting from the analysis of the attack surface, to network scanning, and in-depth scans of web application security.

We use it as an automatic tool for automatic scans every week to avoid problems and regressions.

There are dozen different scanning solutions, they covered all the possible network architectures, technology and scheduling to produce professional reports.

The price is excellent and is almost impossible to have the same quality at the same price.

Mauro G

Mauro G

DevOps Specialist, G2 Review

At a glance vs Detectify

See what makes a strong alternative to Detectify in key differentials.




Pricing structure

  • 4 pricing plan levels from Basic to Enterprise

  • Ability to switch between plans

  • 2 products

  • 1 Enterprise package

Scanning tool range

  • 7 Reconnaissance tools

  • 3 Web vulnerability scanners

  • 4 Web CMS Scanners

  • 3 Network vulnerability scanners

  • 7 Offensive tools

  • 1 Application scanner

  • 1 Surface monitor

Number and accuracy of vulnerabilities

  • 11,000+ Vulnerabilities

  • Customer response to false positives

  • 2000+ vulnerabilities detected

Advanced reporting options

  • Advanced editable reports feature in DOCX format

  • White label reports feature

  • Available in PDF, HTML, CSV, JSON, and XLSX

  • Basic export reports feature

  • Available in PDF, XML and JSON

Technical support

  • Online contact, knowledge base and blogs

  • Platform tutorials

  • Pentesting guides

  • Reply time guarantee

  • Direct talk with support staff

  • Free checks

  • Online contact, knowledge base and blogs

Why security and IT pros prefer as a Detectify alternative

  • Fast onboarding that allows immediate and rapid scanning

  • Wide scope of tests that reveals many potential vulnerabilities

  • Automated attack surface mapping, scanning, and reporting tasks

  • Up to date vulnerability definitions

  • Monthly updates with new tools and features

  • Professional support with a 48 hour maximum response time

One of the most significant advantages [of] is the ability to launch the first test just after account activation. The scope of tests provided is pervasive and covers a lot of potential system vulnerabilities.


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Simple, scalable pricing

Security teams love to see pricing plans for cloud-based software that are comprehensible at a glance, scalable, and provide good value for money.

So, which is easiest to grasp? or Detectify? offers a straightforward selection of pricing plans scaled according to your budget and business needs.

All four plans include our entire suite of tools: reconnaissance tools, web vulnerability scanners, web CMS scanners, network vulnerability scanners, and offensive tools.

In contrast, Detectify pricing is structured very differently, offering two products instead of plans – an application scanning product (€88 per month) and a surface monitoring product (€299 per month), with an additional Enterprise package (price on demand). scalable plans are built around the maximum number of targets you can scan, along with a corresponding number of parallel scans.

While Detectify's scanning product also offers unlimited scans, it is only under a single scan profile for the monthly fee. This means that Detectify customers have to purchase and then customize scan profiles to create different configurations for the same or different targets. And, if they want further capability, they have to purchase the additional monitoring product.

The simpler, target-based pricing structure makes it easier for your security team to switch between plans and predict ongoing costs.

Each plan includes clear differences and escalating benefits in the areas of targets, features, reports, support, and billing.

With you don't need to allocate further technical human resources to handle configuration before your first scan, as with Detectify, and no continual configuration is required for different targets.


Extensive range of scanning tools and integrated features

If you're going to invest capital in a penetration testing solution, you'll want that software to deliver the most extensive scanning scope possible. uncovers vulnerabilities and other security risks using a vast range of specialized scanners and other tools. So, how does Detectify's scanning and monitoring products measure up against the reach of's platform?

As well as a web vulnerability scanner that searches for the big hitters such as OS command injections or directory traversal and others that feature in the OWASP Top 10, our platform incorporates incisive, dedicated XSS and SQLi scanners.

All the major CMS systems are also covered with our specialist CMS scanners to probe for security vulnerabilities across WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Sharepoint.

Finally, also has built-in scanning tools to discover vulnerabilities in network services such as DNS, SSH, VPN, SMTP, FTP, and more.

Combine this powerful list of tools with our scan scheduling and you get a constantly up-to-date list of outdated services, operating systems, missing security patches, badly configured servers, and other persistent vulnerabilities.

In contrast, while Detectify's monitoring product covers infrastructure and domain issues, as well as CVEs and other functions, it must be purchased separately from their scanning product.

There's so much more to than API, web application, CMS and network and scanning. Our platform includes a set of reconnaissance tools that fully crawl and discover the entire attack surface of an organisation, its domain names, subdomains, virtual hosts, ports, and web technologies.

All our plans include a set of offensive tools that automatically exploit the common vulnerabilities and exposures defined in the CVE List. They also supply definitions and proof-of-concept exploits. has an expansive suite of 25 integrated security testing tools, providing you with big-picture insights on the organisation’s security posture, conveniently accessible from a central dashboard. Here are 3 of the most popular tools on the platform:

Website Scanner

Discover common web application vulnerabilities and server configuration issues.

Network Vulnerability Scanner

Discover outdated network services, missing security patches, badly configured servers and many more vulnerabilities.

Subdomain Finder

Discover subdomains and determine the attack surface of an organization.


Number and accuracy of vulnerabilities detected

You're thinking about the math, right? So, how many vulnerabilities does each platform detect? Are false positives included? And, so you have to wade through those too?

When looking at the statistics alone, Detectify tests for 2000+ vulnerabilities. detects many more, particularly if you scan for server-side vulnerabilities using our Network Vulnerability Scanner, which alone detects over 11,000 vulnerabilities! This scanner uses OpenVAS technology, the best open-source network security scanner available. Along with this, in-house security researchers have written custom Sniper modules for highly exploitable vulnerabilities.

But, the crucial question is: How precise and reliable are these findings? And, do I need to verify each one manually?

You know the score. False positives drain your time, money and energy.

Both and Detectify claim to deliver vulnerabilities with very low false positive rates. Both allow you to tag false positive findings so they will automatically be marked as such in future reports. Or, you can exclude them completely, so they will not show up in future scans or vulnerability counts. And both use false positive reports to implement future improvements.

But, unlike Detectify, the customer success and development teams provide a personal response to all false positive reports. And if you need a dedicated penetration testing service, we can supply that and manually validate each finding to guarantee zero false positives.


Advanced editable and white label reports

Both and Detectify enable downloadable reports in multiple formats. However, if you're offering pentesting services, you need enhanced options to deliver a more customized reporting service to your clients. offers advanced editable reports and a white label option, thanks to our pentest report generator tool.

From's Advanced plan upwards, you can export reports in an editable format (.docx). Prior to downloading, you can filter findings by date range or risk level and group them by target or vulnerability. You can take it even further by selecting to download an editable report. This enables you to collate information from other sources and produce a more customized report for your clients.

Our more comprehensive plans have an additional white label feature with options to upload a custom logo and configure email fields settings. This means your reports are professionally presented with your own branding instead of the logo, along with a personalized email, and sent directly from the platform.

If you've uncovered other vulnerabilities by other means, you can add manual findings to the target. These will be included in your downloaded report along with all other findings. becomes your central hub for reporting comprehensively on all vulnerability findings.


After sales support

Given the highly technical nature of pentesting software and running scheduled scans around the clock, you want to know that support is always on, right? So, who comes out top when it comes to this essential aspect of customer service?

Both Detectify and deliver online support in the form of a knowledge base, blogs posts with tips and via email. To reinforce this, provides FAQs, platform tutorials, technical walkthroughs and pentesting guides.

Our support centre guarantees a reply to all messages within 24-48 hours, or you can use the chat window instead to talk to us in real time. In addition, you can run free light scans directly from our home page to detect and start fixing those high risk vulnerabilities in order to test our platform's powerful capabilities before you purchase.

It's customary that the support level available to you increases along with the level of plan you purchase. With Detectify's Enterprise package, you receive additional support, such as onboarding training, configuration support and web security training.

With Pentest-Tools, our premium support begins earlier in your journey, with the Teams and Enterprise plans. You receive a guaranteed answer to any technical or commercial query within 48 hours from a professional who is technically skilled to help you solve the problem, not simply record an issue or complaint.


Focus on maintaining and scaling quality results

Although delivers more, one of our core company values is quality, not merely quantity of results.

This refers both to the robust nature of our security testing platform and the penetrating details of the results.

It also means we strive for the highest quality in all the company activities that surround our product, from the ethical quality of our security research to the dedicated and personal nature of our customer support.

A full pentesting arsenal

Inclusive pricingfor comprehensive coverage

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