The comprehensive Intruder alternative for VAPT work

Discover the exceptional toolkit with a compelling combination of self-serve automations and tools

  • Integratable into your security team and development team workflows

  • Chained, specialized tools accessible to the entire team from a unified platform

  • Comprehensive toolkit with an effective mix of customizable automations and tools that support your preferred workflow

All-in-one comprehensive toolset for external asset mapping engagements

I used to rely on a wide range of tools when mapping and scanning external organization assets, but since I found this comprehensive solution, I rarely need to use more than one.

Shay Chen
Shay Chen
CEO @ Effective Security Ltd.

At a glance vs Intruder




Pricing structure

  • 4 pricing plans from Basic to Enterprise

  • Ability to switch between plans

  • 1 Enterprise product

  • 3 pricing plans from Essential to Vanguard

Scanning tool range

  • 7 Reconnaissance tools

  • 3 Web vulnerability scanners

  • 4 Web CMS Scanners

  • 3 Network vulnerability scanners

  • 7 Offensive tools

  • 1 Application scanner

  • Proactive attack surface monitoring


  • Jira, Slack and Webhooks

  • Cloud connections: AWS, Google Cloud and Azure

  • Other: GitHub, ServiceNow, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Zapier

Number and accuracy of vulnerabilities

  • 11,000+ Vulnerabilities

  • Personal response to false positives

  • 10,000 vulnerability checks

Advanced reporting options

  • Advanced editable reports feature in DOCX format

  • White label reports feature

  • Available in PDF, HTML, and CSV

  • Email summary

  • Downloadable reports feature

  • Available in PDF and CSV

Technical support

  • Online contact, knowledge base, and blog

  • Platform tutorials

  • Pentesting guides

  • Reply time guarantee

  • Direct talk with support staff

  • Free checks

  • Online contact, knowledge base and blogs

  • Intruder Vanguard plan includes vulnerability triage

Why security and IT pros prefer as an Intruder alternative

  • Comprehensive toolkit for thorough security assessments that identify business risks across your networks, architecture, applications, services, and security testing processes

  • Streamlined solution for continuous attack surface monitoring and proactive scanning

  • Support for the entire security testing workflow, from cunning reconnaissance activities, vulnerability scanning, and automation of repetitive manual tasks, to post-exploitation penetration testing, right through to intelligent reporting

  • Focused on continuous vulnerability management

  • Fully-featured platform with connected tools that complement and strengthen each other

  • Cloud-based web application vulnerability scanner

  • Menu of configurable automation options for tools and features, templates, testing sequences, and scripts

  • Automated attack surface monitoring, scanning, and reports

  • Workspaces and Items enables team sharing of engagements, scans, templates, pentest robots, data, findings, and reports

  • Downloadable vulnerability assessment reports

Toolkit with a strategic purpose and workflow support

The Pentest-Tools platform, by far, was the best that I found. Not only for the quality of the built-in tools, but also for the high quality of the technical team behind the platform. Being supported by a quality team is crucial for the professional involved in Pentesting to be successful.

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Chained penetration testing tools across a collaborative team platform customers rave repeatedly about the seamless experience they enjoy when using our platform.

But, can the mind-melting effect of context switching between penetration testing tools really be eliminated using one platform? Decide for yourself.

Depending on the pricing plan you choose, you can cover even the most advanced scenarios:

  • One all-in-one platform from which to organize your targets, scans, and findings cuts out having to jump between scanners and other penetration testing tools
  • Building visual testing flows that automate parts of your proven methodologies enables you to chain tools for both simple and complex scanning and exploitation scenarios
  • Integrating with external platforms (e.g. Jira, Slack, etc.) means you can make improvements to your existing pentest workflow
  • Deploying’s API to operate as an additional data source for your existing setup adds new depth and breadth to your work
  • Automating your software application security testing by integrating it into your CI/CD workflow using our detailed API reference
  • Professionally written findings templates and report templates combine to achieve visually impactful, concise, and understandable reports you can compile and download at the click of a button
  • Removing the need to manually cut and paste findings from various crawlers and scanners in order to compile reports, though you can supplement them with external findings

The stereotypical picture of the wise, lone penetration tester, reporting back annually and at a premium, is a little outdated. Penetration testers often work in a collaborative and responsive development environment. This is why helps teams share and reuse each others’ best work with pentest robots, scan templates, and scheduled scans. further supports collaboration with dedicated functionality such as Shared Items and Workspaces that provide controlled access to pooled team resources, such as wordlists, VPN Profiles, scans, findings, report templates, and engagements.

Why security and IT pros are switching to

  1. 1

    Simulates external and authenticated attacks in a risk-free, controlled sequence

    With Intruder, the story ends at exploitation and reporting.’s Sniper Auto Exploiter deploys automation to reinforce your experience-driven exploitation and post-exploitation activities. So, if you already have access to the target’s login credentials, then you can combine the power of our Network Vulnerability Scanner with chained, custom testing flows using our pentest robots to discover hidden directories, open ports, outdated technologies, and all running endpoints behind a domain.

  2. 2

    Scans for vulnerabilities across the internal network and outside it

    Intruder is promoted as an external scanner that mimics the actions of a malicious hacker and internal vulnerability scanner (network and agent-based). And it’s known for prioritizing results from its perimeter-specific scanning functionality, to help users distinguish the vulnerabilities to tackle immediately from the ‘noise’ found in typical vulnerability reports. Intruder’s reports also explicitly aim to help non-experts understand them.

    But can Intruder compete with the powerful capabilities of and its range of specialized internal and external vulnerability scanning tools and features?

    Our Network Vulnerability Scanner coupled with the ready-to-use VPN Agent offers an encrypted VPN tunnel for internal scans straight from your browser, enabling you to operate like an on-site penetration tester:

    • Avoid spending time traveling to client sites, compiling scripts or laboring on precise configurations
    • From this encrypted and secure VPN connection, run our Port Scanner for perimeter searches or our Website Scanner
    • Conduct a full network vulnerability assessment using our comprehensive range of penetration testing tools
    • Automatically map the entire Attack Surface of locally running software, open ports, weak credentials, missing security patches, out of date services and software, and other misconfigurations that can lead to privilege escalation or unauthorized access to company data

    All the usual types of scan are available, just as if you were running external scans.’s external scanning tools, on the other hand, allows you to operate with the perspective of a malicious hacker:

    • Swiftly pinpoint vulnerabilities that pose the most serious business risks, such as those identified in the OWASP Top 10 (2021), to which contributed
    • Check items from your compliance list for regulations like the PCI DSS, which place a particular emphasis on network intrusions
    • Combine and chain Sniper Auto Exploiter with pentest robots to find insecure configurations across the Attack Surface
    • Watch as the Attack Surface is automatically populated with a full overview of the landscape to be ventured
    • Gather an overview of locally running software and context that helps indicate potential business logic vulnerabilities that other scanners miss
    • Satisfy known cybersecurity industry benchmarks, such as the NIST 800-115, CWE, STIG, and CIS

    If there is a way in which unauthorized users can gain and exploit illegal access to your network, web applications, local software, servers, services, users, and data, this dashboard will expose forgotten and hidden, vulnerable access points. Then, once you pursue all security issues and evidence of exploits, you can relax while scan findings are populated and ready for automatic compilation in a professionally designed report.

    Regardless of the approach, scheduled scans continue to populate the Attack Surface. For both internal and external scans, you can customize scheduled, parallel and bulk scans, credentialed or authenticated scans, and have a choice between Light and Deep Scans. This information can then be integrated into the SDLC so that the development team can continuously work on hardening the security posture on each point.

  3. 3

    Designed to capitalize on your expert know-how and experience-driven preferences

    Intruder bills itself as ‘developer-friendly’, and it even has a neat Emerging Threat Scans automation that scans website applications for known vulnerabilities as soon as they are identified, whether you have a scan scheduled for that day or not. This can save developers who are genuinely busy with other remediation responsibilities much time and effort., however, is designed from the ground up with seasoned security professionals in mind – those who prefer to configure their penetration testing tools before setting off on an adventure. So, while operates as a unified platform, it is no less a toolkit of powerful tools you can also deploy individually to burrow below the surface in a defined direction.

    We’ve grouped our Reconnaissance Tools for quick access, because we know you’ll sometimes want to get oriented before mapping out the next part of your engagement. And, you can also run a full Website Recon to pick up on all the issues with server-side and client-side technologies deployed across multiple hosts. Informed with a complete map of the Attack Surface discoveries on domains, subdomains, hosts, and ports, you’ll be in a better position to explore purposefully across web apps, CMSes and networks.

    This is a visual representation of how a system's Attack Surface looks like

    If you simply need to scan for web application security, you can jump straight to our Website Vulnerability Scanner. And, you can delve deeper with our pre-configured, proprietary tools that tackle the biggest web application security threats face-on, XSS and SQLi. Our XSS Scanner pinpoints Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities, enabling you to rapidly collate information, scan websites and networks, then exploit specific XSS weaknesses and report on them. Similarly, our proprietary SQLi Scanner provides you with solid proof for SQLi risk PoCs.

    On this next part of your engagement, you may prefer the agility afforded by our precision Web CMS Scanners. If your client’s technology is built on modern CMSes, you can opt to assemble scans using our dedicated WordPress , Drupal, Joomla, or SharePoint scanners to identify platform-specific misconfigurations and out-of-date plugins, templates, themes, and other components.

    Finally, our Network Scanners get regular updates to track down the remaining security weakness with an infrastructure-wide scan to test internal network security as if you were on-site:

    • You will identify high risk CVEs such as Log4Shell, ProxyShell, and ProxyLogon
    • And you can also conduct security checks that will discharge your responsibilities under industry compliance standards and benchmarks such as:
      • PCI DSS
      • SOCII
      • HIPAA
      • GDPR
      • ISO
      • the NIS Directive and others
  4. 4

    Huge suite of automation options that free you up for advanced manual exploration

    Using a combination of our passive and non-intrusive Light scans and endlessly-configurable Deep scans with additional active checks, you can opt to automate repetitive manual work, such as attack surface mapping and rescanning across web applications, networks, and individual CMSes. We keep a public change log, so your scheduled scans automatically assimilate and test for all the latest vulnerabilities, such as:

    This frees up more of your time to plan for lateral movement or achieve RCE.

    Get RCE evidence for Confluence CVE-2022-26134 - ethical exploitation with Sniper Auto-Exploiter

    To stimulate your appetite for a deep dive, first you can reconfigure scan templates and settings to run additional, precision checks. Further custom exploration at depth is possible by using our thorough offensive tools.

    Sniper Network Graph – shortlisted in the Excellence Award, Industry Leadership in the SC Awards Europe 2022 – is the latest new functionality available in Sniper Auto Exploiter, providing:

    • A panoramic summary of the entire topology of the target’s network configuration
    • A view of all the connections between your target and other hosts, including exploit paths that show how the target can be compromised
    • A list of all the communication protocols for each connection
    • A list of hosts from nearby network subnets

    These features help you demonstrate how malicious actors could gain Remote Code Execution through critical, known CVEs.

    Sniper Network Graph – Automatic vulnerability exploitation with network visualization capabilities

    If you really want to unearth the bottom feeders, you can get your hands dirty with a drag and drop visual editor to piece together our expert written, pre-compiled automated testing sequences and assemble your own pentest robots. This will simultaneously reduce 80% of your manual pentesting work and liberate you to explore without limits. You can use your own logic to:

    • Chain our tools together to suit your own pentesting workflow
    • Build automated testing flows to suit your own, preferred methodologies
    • Maintain control over multiple stages of testing
    • View the progress of our safe and non-invasive methods with the script from which you can gauge results

    Plus, if you need to offload extensive engagements, our team of pentesters are certified by the National Cyber Security Directorate.

  5. 5

    More time for items that require the touch of an accomplished pentester

    While Intruder’s key selling point is on saving you time,’s focus is on giving you the leverage to use that time wisely.

    Here are the features that ensure your valuable time is directed on the right things:

    • Reconnaissance tools such as Website recon, Website Scanner, TCP and UDP Port Scanners and OpenVAS Scanner that scrape the dirt to uncover weaknesses in the boundaries of your digital collateral

    • Attack Surface view that deftly maps all hosts, ports, services, and technologies

    • Drag and drop chaining of expert, pre-compiled pentest robots that you can reconfigure before deployment

    • Rapid integration into your DevSec workflows

    • Ruthless efficiency with scheduled, concurrent, bulk and re-run scanning options

    • Instant team access to collaboration through Shared Workspaces and Items for templates, scans, findings, reports, and engagements

    • Automatically synced data across tools and features, so there is no need for manual transfers

    • Pre-compiled findings templates that save time on repetitive scanning

    • Reports templates built to collate and organize all findings mean that 90% of your reporting effort is automated

Tooling that reinforces and demonstrates your earned expertise, rather than replacing it

No software or robot will replace the human insight it takes to understand how a malicious hacker might launch an attack. Further, an algorithm unfamiliar with a company’s software, clients, and goals can only circle through generic business implications of a security breach without considering the often brutal, personal cost of stolen and misused data. supplies each security specialist with a strong toolkit that allows you to explore uninhibited by indiscriminate automation:

  • Our library of reconnaissance tools, web and network scanners allow you to move around as an internal pentester with that freelancing perspective
  • Meanwhile our offensive tools and customizable pentests empower you to operate like a covert adversary in whichever direction you choose

Independent security researchers have the freedom to follow their own, proven methods and experiment with new tools. supports that with centralized findings, backed up with intelligent automation you can deploy when you need it, whether for repetitive manual tasks, to collate findings rapidly, produce white label reports, or to facilitate collaboration across the team.

Watch this 3 minute video and learn how to use the platform for penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.

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FAQs: Pentest-Tools as the Intruder alternative

Intruder provides an impressive offering for those who need to run web application security checks and demonstrate compliance with international security regulations and standards. has a wide-angle view over your digital infrastructure, allowing you to tackle everything from the weakest credentials and frequent mistakes such as out-of-date SSL certificates to the big hitters such as the CVE list of the highest-risk vulnerabilities malicious actors are actively exploiting.

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