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Apache HTTP Server UserDir Sensitive Information Disclosure CVE-2001-1013

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CVSSv3 Score
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Vulnerability description

An information leak occurs on Apache HTTP Server based web servers whenever the UserDir module is enabled. The vulnerability allows an external attacker to enumerate existing accounts by requesting access to their home directory and monitoring the response.

Risk description
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1) Disable this feature by changing UserDir public_html (or whatever) to UserDir disabled. Or 2) Use a RedirectMatch rewrite rule under Apache -- this works even if there is no such entry in the password file, e.g.: RedirectMatch ^/~(.*)$ http://example.com/$1 Or 3) Add into httpd.conf: ErrorDocument 404 http://example.com/sample.html ErrorDocument 403 http://example.com/sample.html (NOTE: You need to use a FQDN inside the URL for it to work properly).

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Detectable with
Network Scanner
Scan engine
Exploitable with Sniper
CVE Published
Sep 12, 2001
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