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BMC Track-It! <= Multiple Vulnerabilities CVE-2014-4872CVE-2014-4873CVE-2014-4874

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Vulnerability description

BMC Track-It! is prone to multiple vulnerabilities.

Risk description

The following vulnerabilities exist: - CVE-2014-4872: BMC Track-It! exposes several dangerous remote .NET services on port 9010 without authentication. .NET remoting allows a user to invoke methods remotely and retrieve their result. - CVE-2014-4873: An authenticated user can engage in blind SQL Injection by entering comparison operators in the POST string for the /TrackItWeb/Grid/GetData page. - CVE-2014-4874: A remote authenticated user can download arbitrary files on the /TrackItWeb/Attachment page. Successful exploitation will allow remote attackers to perform SQL injections, arbitrary file upload/download and code execution.


Hotfixes are available for CVE-2014-4873 and CVE-2014-4874. For CVE-2014-4872 there is currently no hotfix available. As a workaround block all traffic from untrusted networks to TCP/UDP ports 9010 to 9020.

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Network Scanner
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Exploitable with Sniper
CVE Published
Oct 10, 2014
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