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D-Link DIR-619L <= 2.02 Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities (Sep 2023) CVE-2023-43860CVE-2023-43861CVE-2023-43862CVE-2023-43863CVE-2023-43864CVE-2023-43865CVE-2023-43866CVE-2023-43867CVE-2023-43868CVE-2023-43869

CVSSv3 Score
Vulnerability description

D-Link DIR-619L devices are prone to multiple buffer overflow vulnerabilities.

Risk description

The following vulnerabilities exist: - CVE-2023-43860: Buffer overflow via formSetWanNonLogin function - CVE-2023-43861: Buffer overflow via formSetWanPPPoE function - CVE-2023-43862: Buffer overflow via formLanguageChange function - CVE-2023-43863: Buffer overflow via formSetWanDhcpplus function - CVE-2023-43864: Buffer overflow via formSetWAN_Wizard55 function - CVE-2023-43865: Buffer overflow via formSetWanPPTP function - CVE-2023-43866: Buffer overflow via formSetWAN_Wizard7 function - CVE-2023-43867: Buffer overflow via formSetWanL2TP function - CVE-2023-43868: Buffer overflow via websGetVar function - CVE-2023-43868: Buffer overflow via formSetWAN_Wizard56 function


No solution was made available by the vendor. General solution options are to upgrade to a newer release, disable respective features, remove the product or replace the product by another one. Note: Vendor states that the model reached its End-of-Support Date, is no longer supported, and firmware development has ceased.

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Network Scanner
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Exploitable with Sniper
CVE Published
Sep 28, 2023
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