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Gitlab - Arbitrary File Read (CVE-2023-2825)

CVSSv3 Score
Vulnerability description

Gitlab is vulnerable to CVE-2023-2825, a Path Traversal vulnerability that can be leveraged to achieve arbitrary file read, affecting two files, /app/uploaders/object_storage.rb and /app/controllers/concerns/uploads_actions.rb. The root cause of this vulnerability is improper sanitization of user-provided input in the URL by accessing at least five nested groups of a project. This vulnerability allows an unauthenticated remote attacker to exploit a Path Traversal vulnerability, leading to an Arbitrary File Read.

Risk description

The risk exists that an unauthenticated remote attacker could leverage the path traversal vulnerability to read files from the server and stealing confidential information or pivot to the internal network.

Exploit capabilities

Sniper can read arbitrary files from the target system and extract them as evidence.


Update the GitLab server to one of the currently fixed versions: 16.0.1.

Not available
Detectable with
Network Scanner
Exploitable with Sniper
Vuln date
May 2023
Published at
Updated at
Software Type
Version Control System
GitLab Inc