Google Hacking

Use advanced search operators (Google Dorks) to find juicy information about target websites.


Sample Google Hacking report

Here is a sample report from our Google Hacking that gives you a taste of how our tools save you time and reduce repetitive manual work.

  • 100% free & unlimited Google Dorks generator

  • Run queries fast and easy

  • Fully passive scan, non-intrusive

  • Leverage the power of Google search engine as a recond method to uncover interesting findings

Google Hacking dorks Report - Second Sample

How to use the pentesting tool

Use Cases for Google Hacking

Find juicy information indexed by Google about a target website such as directory listing, sensitive files, error messages, login pages, and more.

  • Target Reconnaissance

    Google Hacking is a powerful reconnaissance method since it basically searches all information indexed by Google about the target websites/domains.

  • Completely Passive

    This scan does not interact in any way with the target website. All the information comes directly from Google, without sending any packet to the target.

  • Advanced Search Operators

    The Google Hacking tool uses advanced Google search operators (Google Hacking dorks). It tries to discover vulnerabilities and misconfigurations indexed by Google.

Better vulnerability discovery.Faster pentest reporting.

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Google Hacking

Technical details

Every penetration test should start with a passive reconnaissance phase. Public search engines gather amounts of information about almost every website from the Internet. It's a good idea to make specific queries and get relevant data. Use them to discover sensitive information or data that’s not supposed to be public.

Google has a set of advanced search operators to use and find interesting information about a target website or domain.

Our free tool aggregates different Google dorks sources you can use to extract sensitive information. Discover more Google dorks here.

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Target website / domain As the name says, this is your target website or domain for which you are querying Google. When you specify a domain name (e.g., Google will return results for all subdomains of such as:,, etc.

How it works

The Google Hacking tool uses your browser to run queries to Google. Use the free Google dorks to run queries fast and discover interesting information about your targets.