Whois Lookup

Find information about an Internet resource (domain name, IP address).


Sample Whois Lookup report

Here is a sample report from our Whois Lookup that gives you a taste of how our tools save you time and reduce repetitive manual work.

  • This is just a simple Whois output

  • Includes information such as: owner company, contact email, address, administrator, etc.

Whois Lookup Report Sample

How to use the pentesting tool

Use Cases for Whois Lookup

This tool allows you to perform Whois lookups online and extract information about domain names and IP addresses.

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Pentest-Tools.com Whois Lookup Sample Report

Whois Lookup

Technical details

'Whois' is the name of the protocol that is used to interrogate the servers operated by Regional Internet Registries, which hold information about every resource (IP address or domain name) registered on the Internet.

The information that you can obtain about a resource is:

  • Name of the owner company
  • Address of the owner company
  • The IP range that a certain IP belongs to
  • Contact phone number
  • Contact email
  • Administrator's name
  • Name servers


TargetThe internet resource you need to look up and find information. This parameter can be an IP address or a domain name.

How it works

The tool asks the Internet registrars to find information about the owners of the IP address or domain.