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Joomla Vulnerability Scan

Check if Joomla core, components and modules have known vulnerabilities

Sample Report | Use Cases | Technical Details

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Sample Report

Here is a Joomla Vulnerability Scan sample report:

  • Shows Joomla version and its known vulnerabilities
  • Includes the installed components, modules and templates
  • Gives references for vulnerability details

Download Sample Report

Sample report

Joomla Vulnerability Scan - Use Cases

Perform a Joomla security assessment by finding vulnerabilities in Joomla core, components, modules, and templates.

Joomla Penetration Testing

Decrease the time spent on your penetration tests using this scanner. It is already installed, configured and ready-to-go. Use it to quickly discover Joomla vulnerabilities.

Self-Security Assessment

Check if your own installation of Joomla is updated and properly configured. Enumerate your existing Joomla components, modules, templates, and verify if they are at the latest version.

Third-Party Website Audit

If you are a web development company, you can also show this report to your clients and prove that you have implemented the proper security measures in the Joomla website.

Technical Details


The scanner attempts to identify security weaknesses in the target Joomla website (core, components, modules, and templates).
It performs a remote scan, without authentication, using a black-box approach. This simulates an external attacker who tries to penetrate the target Joomla website.

The Joomla Vulnerability Scanner performs the following operations to assess the security of the target website:
  • Detect the installed Joomla version
  • Show the vulnerabilities which affect the identified Joomla version
  • Enumerate installed components and their versions
  • Show the vulnerabilities for the identified components
  • Enumerate the installed modules and their versions
  • Show the vulnerabilities for the identified modules
  • Enumerate the installed templates and their versions
  • Show the vulnerabilities for the identified templates

The scanner is based on the well-known JoomlaVS scanning tool.


Parameter Description
Target URL This is the URL of the Joomla website that will be scanned. All URLs must start with http or https.
Don't forget to specify the complete path to the base directory of the Joomla installation. Ex.

How it works

The scanner connects to the target Joomla website and retrieves information from the HTML pages to fingerprint the Joomla version.
The enumeration of components, modules, and templates is actively done by trying multiple known names.
The tool extracts the vulnerability information from a frequently updated database and includes them in the final report together with references for vulnerability details.