Improve productivity and collaboration with Shared Items

With Shared Workspaces & Items, you can easily manage your pentesting and vulnerability assessment workflow with your team. This allows you to:

  • See a complete list of team members, granted permissions, wordlists, and other resources that will give you an overview of the whole process.

  • Give differentiated access to workspaces among sub-users. You can select No access / Read-only / Full access for your collaborators.

  • You can also change the access to other resources to No access / View / Edit.

Key features

Workspace & items sharing across your entire workflow

  • Scan Templates

  • Pentest Robots

  • Finding Templates

  • Engagements

  • VPN Profiles

  • Wordlists

Share Items Popup

Flexible access rights you can change at any time

  • No access

  • Read-only

  • Full access

Share Workspaces Popup

Coordinated tasks

  • No overlapping

  • Synchronize team members

  • Work on the same engagements

  • Save loads of time

Team Management Screen


How using Shared Items transforms your pentesting workflow

Become a Teams customer and get access to the Pentest-Tools.com Shared Items & Workspaces plus everything else our platform has to offer.

  • Flexibility

    Easy, flexible access rights based on team roles (No access, Read-only, Full access) + change them anytime you need to

  • Ownership

    Clear ownership for each task performed on the platform

  • Onboarding & offboarding

    Secure onboarding for new team members & offboarding for people who leave

  • Reduce risks

    Reduce data loss risks based on differentiated access options

  • Access management

    Restrict access to the most sensitive tasks to specific team members (no access)

  • Work sync

    Smoother workflow with easy access to other team members’ work (Read-only, Full access) that makes it easy to stay up to date

  • Synchronization

    Team members can work on the same target at the same time

  • Cost optimization

    Save on the number of targets attached to your plan (no need to add the same target into several workspaces anymore)

  • Visibility

    See all configurations, templates, and reports experienced team members use and improve your own

  • Oversight

    For managers: see your team’s progress at a glance

  • Engagement Consistency

    Share scan templates and pentest robots and ensure testing consistency across team members while speeding up engagements

  • Scalability boost

    Serve more customers with a streamlined workflow and a library of Shared Items that build on your best work

  • Manual tasks & technical debt relief

    Internal documentation that needs regular updates, team chats and email threads to coordinate on tasks, etc.

Our Teams customers already enjoy the benefits of Shared Items

With a Teams account, you can split your workflow across your entire team.

Secure collaboration

Enhance your team's workflows and allow them to work together more effectively

The Shared Workspaces & Items feature is finally here to help you grow your team, productivity, and business – and make the most of Pentest-Tools.com!

No more sharing credentials and fragmented workflows.

With this feature you can now improve collaboration in your team and boost efficiency:

  • Team members can work on the same target at the same time

  • No need to add a target to several workspaces anymore (use fewer targets from your plan)

  • Your best testing methods can become templates your team can re-use (and improve with rich customization options)