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The Network Vulnerability Scanner is a highly accurate tool that detects 11.393 CVEs in extensively used software products and technologies.

With daily vulnerability updates and a very low rate of false positives, the scanner provides reliable results for your next move.

A supercharged Network Scanner for your infrastructure

Our Network Vulnerability Scanner is a well-rounded tool for all your network security assessments.

It combines multiple engines and fine-tuned (customizable) scan settings which surface critical vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and outdated services. Each scan automatically updates your attack surface and provides an up-to-date map for planning targeted attacks or strategic lateral movements.

Comprehensive technology coverage illustration

Comprehensive technology coverage

The Network Vulnerability Scanner accurately identifies 10.000+ CVEs including the famous CitrixBleed, Log4Shell, ProxyShell, and BlueKeep bugs, plus many more. Through the database of detection modules, the tool addresses critical vulnerabilities in software applications of well-known vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Juniper, Attlassian, and others.

Self-updating detection illustration

Self-updating detection

Our team integrates new detection modules each day and develops custom ones, keeping the tool relevant in a constantly evolving threatscape. Automated updates keep the Network Vulnerability Scanner consistently effective in uncovering emerging security issues. No need to update plugins and databases manually!

Findings confirmed by solid evidence illustration

Findings confirmed by solid evidence

The Network Vulnerability Scanner delivers robust evidence for findings, such as targeted endpoints, specific ports, and more. The intuitive interface lets you easily integrate findings into professional reports, making it easier to understand potential security risks and speed up the remediation process.

Automatically validated findings  illustration

Automatically validated findings

The Network Vulnerability Scanner uses an automatic system to validate findings, which minimizes false positives and improves accuracy. It assigns a "Confirmed" tag to the vulnerabilities it investigates after interpreting sent requests and received responses, and it also provides evidence of how it discovered the validated issues.

Developed by offensive security pros illustration

Developed by offensive security pros

Built for what experienced pentesters need, the tool automates security checks such as examining services and software versions and scanning multiple protocols on network hosts. This robust analysis of network hosts delivers results that help security and IT pros to prioritize their work.

Sample Network Vulnerability Scanner report

Explore a real-life network assessment report. Browse through key sections, examine risk rating graphs, and review in-depth technical findings to get an accurate preview of the report's structure and content.

  • Provides a quick and complete look at the included security issues, showing their potential impact and urgency. This helps prioritize and address critical vulnerabilities.

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How does the Network Vulnerability Scanner work?

The Network Vulnerability Scanner confirms if the target host is alive, pinpoints open ports and associated services, then runs the vulnerability detection routines.

Featuring four complementary scanning engines, it checks software versions against a regularly updated CVE database, uses OpenVAS to target network services, runs custom Sniper modules for critical vulnerability detection, and automates network security checks through Nuclei templates.

Want more details? Check out the full technical documentation.

It's really easy to scan your network for vulnerabilities

No setup required. No processing power limits

Operating as a cloud-based scanner, the Network Vulnerability Scanner works out of the box. No need to install anything on your end to scan public-facing or internal network hosts.

Scheduling & running parallel scans

Automatically execute recurring and routine scans for your network hosts. Combine scheduling with the option to run multiple scans in parallel for a productivity boost, and get notifications for specific findings.

API access for easy integration

Initiate scans programmatically with our REST API. Integrate findings into your internal processes - CI/CD workflows, data sources, or custom applications - for an efficient and automated way to use our Network Scanner.

Internal scanning

Detect vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other security issues in hosts from internal networks, intranets, private clouds, or restricted-access systems. Quick and easy to set up, our VPN agent directs traffic from our servers to your target’s internal network.


The Network Vulnerability Scanner integrates seamlessly with your preferred office and productivity tools: Jira, Slack, email, and Webhooks. Simplify your and your team’s workflow with notifications for scan results for findings truly worth your time.

Customer reviews allows for rapid deployment and automation of many industry-standard security tools, then organizes the results into an easy-to-view 'attack surface'. This allows our penetration testers more time to focus on vulnerability analysis and exploitation.

An added benefit that has been fantastic is that the ease of use allows new employees to add value to an engagement on their first day.

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Travis DeForge

Security Engineering Manager at Gotham Security

United States of America 🇺🇸

Testimonial author: Travis DeForge

Common questions about network vulnerability scanning

Check out our quick setup guide to quickly familiarize yourself with the tool and launch your network scan. We designed it to help you make the most of effortlessly.

Get your network vulnerability assessment rolling in just a few easy steps!

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