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The essential penetration testing tools, all in one place

Pentest-Tools.com makes it easy for security teams to discover, exploit and report common vulnerabilities while saving time for custom work and more creative hacking.

  • Reduce repetitive pentesting work

  • Write pentest reports 50% faster

  • Eliminate the cost of multiple scanners

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Trusted by 1,500+ security teams in 95+ countries

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What you can do with Pentest-Tools.com

Built by a team of experienced penetration testers, Pentest-Tools.com is a web-based platform that speeds-up the common steps performed in almost every assessment: reconnaissance, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, and report writing. Using the 20+ built-in tools, you get quick insights into targets' weaknesses so you know where to dig deeper, pop shells, and have fun.

An image illustrating Attack Surface Mapping capabilities

Attack Surface Mapping

  • Discover the attack surface of your network targets, including subdomains, open ports and running services

  • Map web application technologies, take screenshots, detect WAFs and discover hidden files by fuzzing

  • Popular tools: Subdomain Finder, TCP Port Scanner, URL Fuzzer

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An image illustrating Vulnerability Scanning capabilities

Vulnerability Scanning

Web Application Scanning

  • Use our powerful, custom Website Vulnerability Scanner to accurately detect common vulnerabilities (e.g. XSS, SQLi, OS Command injection) in classic and modern web applications (SPAs)

  • Quickly identify specific security issues with dedicated scanners for API vulnerabilities and widely used CMSs (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Sharepoint)

Network Scanning

  • Uncover a wide range of infrastructure security issues with our Network Vulnerability Scanner, a custom tool which finds unnecessary open ports, missing security patches, service misconfigurations, and critical CVEs (Log4shell, ProxyShell, etc.)

  • Find weak credentials and prove the risk of unauthorized access with our Password Auditor tool

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An image illustrating Exploitation capabilities


  • Exploit critical CVEs, gain initial access, extract sensitive files and more with Sniper - Auto Exploiter

  • Show your customers the real impact of your findings by extracting powerful evidence and creating strong proof-of-concepts

  • Also exploit web vulnerabilities like SQL injection, XSS and more, extracting data to demonstrate real security risks

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An image illustrating Writing Pentest Reports capabilities

Writing Pentest Reports

  • Use the Pentest Report Generator to quickly create editable Word (.docx) reports from your findings – 50% faster than the manual way

  • Simplify report writing with predefined Word templates and a rich library of common findings (with description, risk, and recommendations)

  • Create your own custom, reusable findings and report templates

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An image illustrating Continuous Security Monitoring capabilities

Continuous Security Monitoring

  • Schedule periodic vulnerability scans

  • Automatically send reports to Email, Slack or Webhooks

  • Get notified when high risk issues are found or when other custom conditions are met

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Pentest-Tools.com - Platform Overview

Pentest-Tools.com - Platform Overview

Pentest-Tools.com is for

Offensive security teams

Save time for more creative hacking

Defensive security teams

Assess and monitor your security posture

System builders & admins

Speed up routine security checks

We're hard at work right now!

360 000
Scans last month
875 000
Subdomains discovered
290 000
Open ports detected
10 700
High-risk vulnerabilities found

You're backed by a strong team

Pentest-Tools.com was created in 2013 by a team of professional penetration testers which continue to guide the product development today and push for better accuracy, speed and flexibility.

We use our practical experience and industry knowledge to improve Pentest-Tools.com with new security testing techniques, better workflows, and detections for the latest vulnerabilities. All of this to help our customers deliver more value with their security tests.

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The Pentest-Tools.com team at DefCamp 2022

The Pentest-Tools.com team at DefCamp 2022

What's unique about Pentest-Tools.com

Our platform is a one-of-a-kind solution in the offensive security space because it combines 20+ tools and features to streamline the entire security testing workflow. Plus, it’s very easy to feed the tool results into professional reports, saving you hours of tedious work. Enjoy the rest of your free time!

Customer testimonials

Pentest-Tools.com is the Swiss army knife for anyone performing black-box external network security assessments and an all-in-one comprehensive toolset for external red team/asset mapping engagements. I used to rely on a wide range of tools when mapping and scanning external organization assets, but since I found this comprehensive solution, I rarely need to use more than one.

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Shay Chen

CEO at Effective Security Ltd. 

Israel 🇮🇱

Testimonial author: Shay Chen

We don't replace the humans in the loop

Pentest-Tools.com doesn’t replace skilled security pros with automation.

Instead, our toolset amplifies your abilities with more effective workflows. We save infosec experts time so they can excel at creative hacking, custom testing, security research, and community contribution.

Here’s our view on automation

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