Scan internal networks through our VPN agent with no extra configuration

Run internal pentests from anywhere with our VPN agent and get a full picture of your target’s attack surface

  • Discover missing security patches and outdated network services

  • Detect open ports that expose assets to an attacker with local network access

  • Find vulnerabilities to chain and exploit in software running locally

  • Find weak credentials that allow privilege escalation or access to sensitive information

Getting Started

Start an internal network scan in minutes

Test internal networks as if you were on-site without time-consuming scripts and configurations.

  1. 1

    Create your VPN profile

    Log into your account and create a new VPN Profile.

  2. 2

    Download the VPN Agent

    Extract the contents of the archive and start the agent.

  3. 3

    Test the connection

    Make sure automatically connects to your target’s infrastructure in a single click.

  4. 4

    Deploy your full arsenal

    With the VPN agent enabled and running, scan your internal network as you would in an external pentest.

Ease of access

Run a full internal penetration test from your browser

Automatically map the Attack Surface of your target’s internal network from your dashboard.

With your VPN connection running, use pentesting tools such as our Network Vulnerability Scanner, our Port Scanner, our Website Scanner, and many more.

Findings from each scan automatically map your target’s Attack Surface, keeping it up to date with fresh details.

VPN Profiles Screen
How to do an internal security assessment with (easy VPN Agent walkthrough)

Start using the platform today

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Stay Secure

Get secure access to the local network from anywhere in the world

Deploy your full expertize through our comprehensive set of pentesting tools and features to targets located anywhere in the world.

Our VPN agent ensures the connection between our scanning servers and your target internal network is encrypted and secure, giving you full flexibility.

Use the time you save on travel and setup to discover unexpected attack vectors, chain vulnerabilities, and develop exploits that demonstrate severe business risks.

VPN International Access

Automate it

Automate your best testing sequences with pentest robots

Minimize repetitive work by orchestrating multiple pentest tools in automated testing sequences called pentest robots.

Build custom visual pentesting flows you can reuse across engagements with drag & drop and spend more time on logic flaws, pivoting, post-exploitation, and more.

Combined with advanced reporting that does 90% of the work for you, pentest robots make your internal pentest exponentially more efficient.

A screen capture of the RPA feature called Pentest Robots