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Get instant access to 20+ tightly integrated security testing tools that feed findings into a single dashboard with advanced reporting options. See our scanning tool range compared to other platforms.

Customers in 95 countries ran over 3.1 million scans last year with these tools.

Reconnaissance Tools

Web Vulnerability Scanners

Web CMS Vulnerability Scanners

Network Vulnerability Scanners

Offensive Tools

  • Sniper: Auto-Exploiter

    Sniper automatically exploits known, widespread vulnerabilities in high-profile software. The tool gains remote command execution on the vulnerable targets and automatically runs post-exploitation modules to extract interesting data (artefacts) as solid proof for vulnerability validation.

  • SQLi Exploiter with SQLMap

    Exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities in your websites and prove business risks with a detailed report. Use the SQLi Exploiter with SQLMap to quickly detect vulnerable parameters.

  • XSS Exploiter

    Create proof-of-concept scenarios and easily prove the risk of XSS attacks in web applications. Test payloads with our XSS Exploiter and easily find exposed parameters.

  • HTTP Request Logger

    Easily create custom HTTP servers that record and show all requests in one place. Better simulate phishing attacks and perform faster security tests with the HTTP Request Logger.

  • Subdomain Takeover

    Identify all the subdomains of a target that point to external services (e.g. Amazon S3, Heroku, GitHub, etc.). Find those subdomains vulnerable to a hostile takeover.